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For a lot of students, back to school means back to the dorm or shared living space with a few roommates. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to using in your kitchen at home? The coffee maker, toaster, and kettle you use every day for hot snacks and drinks? Those are the small kitchen appliances you’ll want to shop for right now.

Even if you’re not living at school but are commuting from home, there are quite a few small kitchen appliances that can make a grab-and-go lifestyle a lot easier. If you aren’t quite sure what you’ll need to whip up a drink or meal in a hurry, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you’ll use every day when you head back to school.

5 small kitchen appliances you’ll need

Take your coffee on the run

single serve coffee maker small kitchen appliances

It’s hard to believe, but I managed my first two years of university without ever drinking a cup of coffee. When I finally got bit by the java bug, I was excited to buy a small coffee maker for my dorm room. Unfortunately, it was so small, it barely made enough coffee to wake me up in the morning let alone take with me as I rushed out the door.

If I would have replaced it with a bigger coffee maker, I may have just tossed half the coffee I made. Students these days don’t have that same problem thanks to single serve coffee makers. Armed with a box of coffee pods, you’ll have fresh coffee in the morning and a quick way to grab a cup of coffee to go.

Grill a quick meal in a toaster oven

cusiniart toaster oven for dormThe cafeteria is closed, everyone is up late studying, and you’re craving one of your mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches. It might be a little difficult to get mom to your dorm room at midnight, but with the right small kitchen appliance, you can replicate the grilled cheese whenever you get a craving. A new toaster oven will let you create the perfect grilled cheese, and it has the versatility to make toast, bagels, small pizzas, and even bake up a few cookies, too.

You can even choose a toaster oven with air fryer built-in, and that will help you whip up snacks that taste deep-fried but don’t have any extra oil.

Instant Pot does it all

instant pot small kitchen appliancesYou may wonder how you’ll be able to cook healthy meals when you’re living in a shared space or dorm. If your room doesn’t have a stove or a lot of space, there is one small kitchen appliance with so many functions, you’ll never run out of dishes to cook.

The Instant Pot is more than just a pressure cooker; it lets you saute, slow cook, cooks rice, oatmeal, boils eggs, and so much more. Having an Instant Pot means you can whip up a full dinner, and it cooks so quickly you’ll be able to grab your dinner and take it to go.

Breakfast is always fast when you have a sandwich maker

breakfast sandwich maker back to school small kitchen appliancesEating breakfast sets the tone for your entire day, but how do you manage a healthy breakfast when you’re always rushing out the door? A sandwich maker is a small kitchen appliance that will whip up a hot breakfast sandwich and it does it in under 5 minutes.

All you have to do is drop an egg, your favourite type of bun, and your condiments of choice and close the lid. In a few minutes, you’ll have a delicious egg sandwich you didn’t have to order from a coffee shop or cafeteria.  

Kettles keep hot water on tap

insignia tea kettleWhen you’re feeling under the weather or you want to take a cup of ramen with you to class, a kettle will be one of your small kitchen appliances that saves the day. The latest kettles let you preset the water temperature for different types of tea or boil water in less than a minute.

Small kitchen appliances make it easy to take it to go

With these five small kitchen appliances in your dorm room kitchen, you’ll be able to make almost any dish you’d like. Avocado toast is easy when you have a toaster oven, beef or chicken stew is as simple as putting a bunch of your favourite stew ingredients in the Instant Pot, and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches will be ready ftravel mugs for back to schoolor you every morning in your sandwich maker.

To make it even easier to take your food and drinks on the go, you can stock up on different kitchen accessories. Travel mugs keep your coffee or tea hot and are big enough to store 12 to 24 ounces. For food, an insulated lunch bag fits neatly in a backpack and keeps your food safe until you’re ready to eat it.

Prepare now and you’ll find it easy to take your meals to go this fall.

You can find all types of small kitchen appliances to make back to school easy on Best Buy.

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