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I recently upgraded from a standard coffee machine to an espresso machine like the Breville Barista Touch Impress and the experience has made such a difference in my days. Just this week, two close friends of mine both mentioned that their old coffee makers no longer work, and I instantly recommended an espresso machine. Not only will you get better quality coffee, but machines like this one can grind beans and froth milk, too. When it comes to a wonderful gift to get someone special on your list, a premium espresso machine will be a delightful surprise if they drink coffee.

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The key features of the Breville Barista Touch Impress espresso machine

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Why should you consider this machine? It uses smart systems so you get perfectly brewed coffee from freshly ground beans. Yes, it has a built-in grinder, too, so you can grind and brew right from the same machine. (Using fresh coffee beans is a game-changer in my opinion; I no longer use anything but). The machine heats and pressurizes the water in the 2L tank to make sure you get optimal extraction: there are also adjustable settings.

The auto steam wand can be used to create microfoam for drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. I use mine for cappuccinos after lunch and latte macchiatos in the mornings on the weekends. You can create the desired amount of froth based on how long you use the wand, and it even works with milk alternatives, like oat, almond, or soy milk. In fact, it has a dedicated setting for each one! It comes with a stainless-steel milk jug and tamper as well so you can truly feel like a barista at home.

If they, or someone else in the family, prefers tea, the machine also has a separate hot water outlet so you don’t have to worry that your cup of chai tea will have a coffee taste to it. And it comes with all the cleaning and descaling accessories you’d need as well to keep the machine in pristine condition.

You can start simple and make a standard espresso shot, then move up to cappuccinos and lattes. Shelly Wutke runs through some useful tips on how to get the most out of this machine. She talks about everything from customizing the grind to tamping, adjusting the water temperature, customizing the timing of espresso extraction, and choosing the right frothing method. It’s a must-read before (or after) buying this machine.

Why this machine is a good option for just about anyone

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When I first used a manual espresso machine, I was a little overwhelmed by the experience having never used one before. What’s great about this machine is that it offers step-by-step guidance via the touchscreen for someone new to using one, allowing you to adjust to your exact preferences, including type of drink, filter size, and grind size. Those familiar with making espresso at home, meanwhile, will appreciate the upgrade to an ultra-premium machine.

Rae Chen reviewed the Breville Barista Touch Impress and she loves how easy it is to customize drinks. She says it’s both perfect for picky coffee drinkers as well as for ensuring that guests get the exact brew they want, even right down to the temperature. Be warned, though, as this means friends, family members, and neighbours might be asking to come by for coffee more often!

She also loves the Babyccino function, which is perfect for frothing milk to an ideal temperature that’s safe for kids. Now they can have fancy hot cocoa or even warm milk, too.

Chen describes is as a “fantastic espresso machine that really does it all,” is “expertly designed and crafted,” and, arguably most important, is “truly a pleasure to use.” You can see her video review as well to get a better idea of how it works.

Surprise someone special with the Breville Barista Touch Impress espresso machine

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If someone gifted me this machine, I’d be over the moon. (Hopefully my family and friends are reading this right now!) It’s what I would describe as the “Holy Grail” of premium espresso machines. It has all the manual options you’d want and need plus a handy step-by-step guide for those who are daunted by the concept of trying to play barista at home. Let’s not forget how sleek and ultra-cool it will look in the kitchen as well.

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  1. Perfect gift for my wife as she’s gotten into making drinks and on the espresso wagon!
    And a side benefit…I get to use it too and make sure better drinks everyday!
    Big win!

  2. Love this Breville Barista machine.Talk about so many features this machine has. Love that it also has a separate spout for hot water for those who drink tea. How amazing it is.


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