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Samsung held a First Look event for members of the media on the night of January 3, two days prior to CES’s official opening. Part of this showcase at CES 2023 was, for the first time, an entire space dedicated to its Bespoke line of home appliances. And wow, was it ever a sight to behold.

Samsung showed new innovations in washers and dryers, ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators, and more, with full set-ups to mimic the look of the home. While not all of them are confirmed to be coming to Canada, they tell a larger picture of Samsung’s strategy for creating not only a unified home through technologies like SmartThings, but also a stylish and elegant one with appliances that are not only smart but look absolutely stunning.

More Bespoke refrigerators

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators

Samsung Bespoke refrigerators have been around for a few years now, but the company is expanding its options with a wider selection and new intelligence capabilities. The 4-Door Flex with Family Hub model now features a larger and more immersive 32-inch screen.

The bezel-less FHD screen is nearly two times larger than previous models. There’s also a new dashboard that takes advantage of the bigger screen so you can more conveniently access SmartThings services and monitor and control compatible home appliances.

There’s also new Family Hub software in the refrigerator, including Samsung Plus with more than 190 free channels along with Google Photos so you can effectively use it as a digital photo frame to display a slideshow of images when it isn’t being used or for special events. A new picture-in-picture feature means you can keep up with TV shows while also monitoring other kitchen appliances.

The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator with Family Hub+ will launch in North America and Korea in the first half of 2023, while a Family Hub software update will roll out to all markets where Family Hub refrigerators are sold in 2023. Stay tuned for details about Canada.

Bespoke side-by-side and top-mounted freezer refrigerator models

Samsung Bespoke side by side fridge

Samsung has also added new side-by-side and top-mounted freezer refrigerator models to its line, boasting a flat and minimalist design with customizable front panels in both glass and stainless steel, as is customary in the Bespoke line. Choose from a wide range of door colors and finishes.

One of the coolest new features, which we got to see at the First Look event, is the Auto Door Open feature with a recessed handle. Simply tap it and the door opens. Walk away and it will automatically close.

Inside, there’s also a Beverage Center for easy access to the Plumbing Water Dispenser and Auto Fill Watch Pitcher with infuser so you can flavour your water with things like fresh fruit. The Dual Auto Ice Maker, meanwhile, provides both cubed ice and smaller Ice Bites.

Samsung’s Optimal Fresh Zone+ and Active Fresh Filter keep food fresh for long while eliminating 99.99% of bacteria. Using the SmartThings Energy AI Energy Mode will optimize the compressor speed and the frequency of the defrost cycle, based on usage patterns and surroundings to help you save money and reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

The Bespoke Side-by-Side Refrigerator will be available in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2023, while the Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer Refrigerator will be available first in Thailand in March 2023 and subsequently launched globally.

Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerators and wine fridges

Samsung Bespoke wine fridge

Additionally, Samsung is offering its Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator in select markets by the end of the year (stay tuned for details about Canada).

This premium fridge includes a choice of fridge, freezer, or wine cellar models and features a contemporary modular design with durable materials. They feature a Timeless Greige finish and elegant gold copper edge frame.

The refrigerator’s exterior is made from premium aluminum that is more dent- and scratch-resistant and allows marks and stains to be easily wiped away. The interior features Black Metal Cooling and Tunnel Lighting. Applied to the duct and door, Black Metal Cooling creates a sense of depth for a premium look, but it also helps keep food fresher for longer by quickly compensating for heat loss. The Tunnel Lighting on the frame and shelves, meanwhile, further enhances the aesthetic while giving you a clear view of every corner of the fridge. The fridge and freezer feature a combined capacity of 805 liters, while the wine cellar offers room to store up to 101 bottles.

This fridge also features the Auto Open Door, AutoFill Pitcher with built-in infuser, Dual Auto Ice Maker, and SmartThings Energy. You’ll also get the Flex Pantry, an independently controlled drawer that can be converted to different preset temperatures.

A neat feature with the wine cellar is Triple Temperature Zone for different types of wines, along with a screen that will show recommended temperatures for various wine types. You can even scan wine barcodes to get the right temperature as needed using the Sommelier at Home feature, part of Samsung’s SmartThings connected experience. Combined with SmartThings Cooking, you’ll also get recommendations of the perfect food to pair with a particular wine you have at home.The UV Protect Glass Door has triple-glazed glass with UV ray protection that safeguards it from changes in the outside temperature.

Smarter ovens

Samsung premium induction oven

Samsung is also introducing advanced AI Pro Cooking for the Bespoke AI oven that helps when preparing means. If you set the oven to cook a recognized dish using a specific cooking mode, temperature, and time, it will send you warnings to prevent burning. The internal camera and AI with Sense Inside feature, meanwhile, can also recommend cooking times for 80 different common dishes and ingredients.

Through integration with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health, you can also sync your workout stats and diet goals and get recommended meal options based on what you have in your fridge and pantry at home.

The oven also has a Push to Open Door, which replaces a traditional handle and will come in five design options. The Bespoke AI Oven is currently available in Europe and will launch in North America in the third quarter of 2023. Shown here is the Samsung Premium Induction slide-in.

Intelligent washing

Samsung AI laundry

Samsung also showcased its new line of intelligent Bespoke laundry appliances that feature intelligent sensing for an optimized wash. Features include AI OptiWash that detects both the soil level and weight of the clothing you put inside and optimizes the amount of water and detergent added as well. It can also adjust the washing time and rinsing cycle for the most efficient and effective clean.

With features like auto dispensing of detergent, wash load sensing, optimal water levels, and fabric detecting — the five core sensing technologies through Samsung’s AI– you’ll get a perfect wash every time.

Samsung shoe refresher

Samsung shoe refresher

Samsung also showcased a neat new appliance that can deodorize and sanitize your favourite pairs of shoes using dehumidification and steam. Featuring a Xenon UV light, it can fit up to three pairs of shoes (or fewer with larger shoes or taller boots), but you can also use it for other items that might need refreshing, like boxing gloves or even ski boots. The concept comes in some attractive finishes.

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