Insignia stainless steel fridge review

Organizing your refrigerator is one of the best ways to keep your grocery bill low. I always find that, unless I spend the time to sort out my leftovers, fresh fruits and vegetables, or meats and cheese, I always overspend at the grocery store. After recently taking a look at the Insignia Top Freezer Refrigerator, I think it’s a fridge that would give you more than enough room to store and organize all of your groceries. I was very impressed with the layout, size, and storage capacity.

Features of the Insignia top freezer refrigerator

The Insignia 24-inch refrigerator measures 23.62 inches (60 cm) W by 59.72 inches (151 cm) H by 26.12 inches (66.35 cm) D. It’s a standard depth refrigerator that weighs 53 kg (116 lbs). It’s available in stainless steel and white.

  • Top-mount freezer refrigerator for all types of food fresh
  • 10.1 cu.ft. total storage with 7.4 cu. ft. fresh food space and 2.7 cu.ft. frozen food space to give you enough room for groceries for a couple or small family
  • Adjustable glass shelves, adjustable door bins, and humidity-controlled crisper
  • Available in stainless steel or white
  • Frost-free freezer
  • Energy star qualified with rating of 297 kWh/yr.

Setting up the Insignia 10 cu.ft. refrigerator

Unboxing the Insignia 10 cu.ft. refrigerator was very easy. All I had to do was cut the straps on the box and pull the top of the box over the refrigerator. It’s over 100 lbs. so you don’t really want to move it around yourself, but I easily tipped it slightly to the side to remove the bottom plate and move it into position.

It’s a very slim, compact refrigerator, so it should be easy to move into your kitchen. I always recommend you measure your doorways and entry before you choose a fridge, just to make sure it will fit through your door.

Stainless steel finish on Insignia fridge

I checked out the Insignia top freezer refrigerator with a stainless steel finish. The finish isn’t fingerprint resistant, but I tried to smudge it with my hand and I didn’t leave any marks behind.

The fridge has a very slim, sleek style. Instead of handles, the doors open via a recessed pocket on the front. I really like how it looks. Whether you choose white or stainless steel, it’s has a nice design and would blend in well in any kitchen.

Organizing food in the Insignia top freezer refrigerator

Insignia top mount fridge review

The Insignia top freezer refrigerator has quite a few features that make it easy to store and organize your food.

Adjustable glass shelves on Insignia refrigerator

The shelves in the Insignia top freezer refrigerator are glass, so they will shine just like new whenever you buff them. The shelves have a small edge that may slow spills or drips if you accidentally drop something on your shelves.

You can pull the shelves right out and place them in different positions. Adjustable shelves are very useful if you occasionally need to store larger items like 2 litres of soda or you’ve got a party platter you’d like to keep cold.

There is one adjustable glass shelf in the freezer, and there are several slots you can use to move the shelf up or down. There is definitely enough room in the freezer to store several items including a large bucket of ice cream, bag of ice, loaves of bread, or several bags of frozen vegetables.

Interior door shelves store butter, milk, and more

There are several shelves in the interior door of the Insignia refrigerator. The shelves are adjustable and they can hold a variety of different beverages or food. You could store wine, soda, or milk in the door compartments, and there is also a small area to store butter or eggs.

There are interior door shelves on the inside of the freezer too, and they are the perfect size for frozen treats like popsicles or ice cream sandwiches.

Humidity controlled crisper in the Insignia fridge

Insignia top mount fridge crisper

The crisper on the Insignia top freezer refrigerator is roomy and has enough space to hold several different fruits, vegetables, or both. You can adjust the humidity in the drawer by using the slider, so if you store different types of fruit or you just have vegetables inside of it, just slide the bar back and forth depending on what you’ve got inside the crisper.

The crisper will slide right out of the fridge, and I like that as an option on a fridge. It makes it much easier to give it a good clean whenever you need to.

Internal temperature control

The Insignia top freezer refrigerator has internal temperature controls. You can turn the fridge off if you aren’t using it, or set it to cold, colder, or coldest. The freezer has its own temperature control, so you have the option to set both to a temperature you’re happy with.

Insignia offers Energy Star refrigerators

The Insignia stainless steel refrigerator is an Energy Star refrigerator. You can read more about Energy Star certification in this blog post, but this refrigerator has an Energy star rating of 297 kWh/yr.

Should you choose the Insignia top freezer fridge?

Insignia fridge recessed door handles

I really liked the slim profile of the Insignia top freezer refrigerator. It could easily fit in a condo or apartment, and it’s light enough that it won’t be difficult to move it if you need to. It would also be great as a dorm fridge if you’d like a little more space or as a secondary fridge for a family who has a lot of groceries to store.

The adjustable shelves are easy to pull in and out so you can adjust them depending on your groceries, and it’s nice to have an adjustable shelf in the freezer too.

What I think really makes this fridge stand out is the minimalist style. With no door handles, it really blends in with other appliances. It seems as though it would be easy to clean too, and while it’s not certified as fingerprint resistant, it didn’t smudge when I was touching it.

If you’re looking for a compact refrigerator with full-size options, I think you’ll like the Insignia top freezer refrigerator. It’s available now on Best Buy.

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