Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter Having a smart home is as much about making life easy as it is about staying connected, and there have been some amazing smart home devices that have hit the market over the past year that have truly made life easier. Case in point? The Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry Adapter.

What is the Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry Adapter?

Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter Click here to take a quick look at the Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry Adapter. In a nutshell, it takes your compatible Samsung washer and dryer and connects it to the Internet. Once it’s online you can download the Samsung Smart Home app and control different functions on your washer or dryer, all from your smartphone or tablet.

How do you use the Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry Adapter?

At first glance you may wonder why you’d need to wirelessly connect to your washer and dryer, but once you use and it and see how Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter lets you perform so many different functions and tap into so much data, you’ll really wonder how you lived without connected laundry.

  • You can select your cycle, temperature, and spin options, and it’s as easy as opening up an app on your phone
  • Check out how much time you have remaining on your load and at what part of the cycle your laundry is currently at
  • Sends you alerts when your load is done, so you won’t have to wait for a buzzer, miss out on wrinkle-free laundry, or wait to start a new load
  • Lets you monitor or start your laundry when you’re not home, so you can have freshly dried clothes right when you walk in the door

Which Samsung washers and dryers is the Wi-Fi adapter compatible with?

Add wash Samsung laundry dongleThe Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter is compatible with several Samsung washing machines and dryers from the AddWash lineup.

Not only do these machines give you an amazing option like AddWash, a door-in-door feature that lets you throw in a forgotten sock, towel, or anything you didn’t add to your load, you also get steam options on your washer and dryer. Put that together with the ability to plug in the Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter to give you connected laundry, and you have the smartest laundry pair around.

Using the Samsung Smart Home app

samsung smart home appThe Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter is part of Samsung Smart Home, an app that lets users control all of their Samsung devices from their smart phones. You can use the Device Control feature to control your washing machine and other Samsung connected devices, all within the same app.

With Home View on the app you can check out real-time views of other connected Samsung appliances, and the app even connects you directly to Smart Customer Service so you can receive updates on when it’s time to service your appliances or you need help.

Not only does having the Samsung Wi-Fi Laundry adapter make doing laundry easier and more convenient, but it’s a device that really shows what the future of smart home appliances will be: machines that are designed to give you a helping hand and help you take care of household chores quickly and easily.

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