Insignia Mini Fridge Review

A mini-fridge, also known as a bar fridge, isn’t just for the dorm room, although they are definitely a great addition if you’re staying on campus in the fall. After setting up the Insignia Mini Fridge and checking out the roomy interior, I think I’d be pretty happy to place this compact fridge on my patio, in a pantry to store cold drinks, or in the garage for quick access to snacks.

The Insignia Glass Door 4.4 cu. ft. mini fridge is spacious, lightweight, and has a thin profile. The door even doubles as a message board you can doodle on with dry-erase markers.

Appearance and features of the Insignia mini fridge

The Insignia NS-CF44GD2-C bar fridge has 3 adjustable shelves and cold drink storage on the door. There is a pull-out crisper drawer you can use to store fruit or vegetables. It measures 33.8 inches (85.85 cm) high, 19.5 inches (49.53 cm) wide, and has a depth of 20.9 inches (53.1 cm). The fridge weighs 59.6 lbs (27 kg).

  • Compact bar fridge is easy to place in small spaces likes closets, pantries, or dorm
  • Freestanding design has leveling feet to ensure stability on all surfaces
  • Adjustable glass shelves, four can racks, and door racks to organize everything
  • LED interior lighting
  • Easy temperature control via the internal dial
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Glass door wipes clean and be used as a message board with dry-erase markers
Bar fridge side drink storage

Unboxing the Insignia glass door mini fridge

The Insignia Mini Fridge is packaged in a fairly small box. To remove the fridge, just put it in the spot you’ve chosen for it and pull the box over the top of the fridge. It sits on a small platform of styrofoam, so it’s easy to lift it off and gently set it down. I was able to set it up by myself so I’m sure everyone will have an easy time.

Features on the Insignia mini fridge

can storage Insignia bar fridge

Right out of the box, I found a few features I really liked on the Insignia Mini Fridge. The first one, how quietly it runs, is evident from the minute you plug it into any standard wall outlet. Even when it’s beginning the cooling process, this mini fridge is ultra-quiet. It runs at less than 40dB, which is similar to the decibel level of a babbling brook or a computer.

Slim profile means placement is easy

I could find so many places in my home to use this mini fridge. It’s the perfect height and depth for my outdoor patio, although I’d have to build a box to protect it from the elements. It would fit well in a garage to keep drinks on hand when it gets hot outside, and it would also be great as extra storage for milk jugs if you buy in bulk. Not every mini fridge lets you store large items, but the adjustable shelves on this model make it easy to store everything.

If you’d like to keep this compact fridge in a pantry or closet, it would fit well in there too. The height and depth are close to standard cupboard size, so it would probably even slide into a space between existing cabinets with a little modification.

Storage capacity inside Insignia Glass Door Bar Fridge

There is more than enough room inside the Insignia Glass Door fridge to accommodate a ton of food or drinks. There is no freezer inside to take up precious space, and you can move the adjustable shelves around to create an interior that works for you.

If you’re using the Insignia mini fridge as a bar fridge you could easily fit a 12 pack of soda, 2 litre bottles of beverages, or several bottles of wine, all at once. There are four can racks on the door of the fridge that will hold up to eight cans, so you can mix and match beverages. If you’re using the mini fridge for the dorm, there would be more than enough room for milk, other dairy products, snacks, fruits, and vegetables.

Internal light and temperature control

Internal light Insignia bar fridge

Not every mini fridge I’ve used has an interior light. Even though they are small and not as deep as a standard fridge, I still think bar fridges need an interior light. Thankfully the Insignia mini fridge does have a light, so you can see clearly if when you open it up at night.

The variable temperature control dial is located beside the light, and you can set the temperature to one that’s perfect for food or drinks. I like to keep my drinks colder than I would keep my fridge, so it’s nice that I can turn the fridge to the highest level and really chill my drinks cans.

Doodle on the fridge door

Who doesn’t love having a mini-message board right on your fridge door? The Insignia Glass Door Mini Fridge has a surface that lets you draw on it with dry-erase markers. You write your grocery list, what drinks you need to restock, or just draw a quick doodle. Everything easily erases with a dry erase eraser. Because it’s a glass door, there is no residue left behind.

Should you choose the Insignia glass door mini fridge?

Insignia Glass Door Mini Fridge

If you’re looking for a mini fridge for your rec room or are pre-shopping for the next school year, I think the Insignia Glass Door Mini Fridge is a great choice. The slim profile makes it easy to put in different locations and it’s lightweight and easy to set up. I like how you can adjust the shelves depending on what you need to store, and I’m a huge fan of mini fridges or bar fridges without a freezer. The freezer always seems like it takes up valuable space you could use to store drinks.

Having a mini fridge helps free up space in your main fridge, and if you place it in your garage or outdoor kitchen, there’s nothing like being able to grab a beverage without having to go back and forth to the house. That crisper drawer could also double as a great place to chill glasses if you like to pour your drinks into an ice-cold glass or use it to hold lemon and lime for garnish.

For drinks, snacks, and more, you can find your own Insignia Glass Door Mini Fridge on Best Buy right now.

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