Insignia bottom mount mini fridge

What type of fridge would you put in a small space? Most people would think of a mini fridge or bar fridge for a small area like a dorm room, studio, or cabinet of a rec room. Bar fridges are great if you’re only storing a few cans of soda or other cold drinks, but there are other choices if you’d like more interior space. Take the Insignia mini fridge with bottom freezer (coming soon) for example; it has a fridge on top, freezer on the bottom, offers a ton of storage space, and is still small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Appearance and features of the Insignia mini fridge with freezer

The Insignia 4.9 cu.ft. bottom mount mini fridge with freezer has adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and a stainless-steel finish that looks great no matter where you put it. It has 4.9 cu.ft of interior space total, with 3.11 cu.ft. in the refrigerator and 1.84 cu.ft. in the freezer. It measures 47.9 inches high (121.6 cm), 19.7 inches wide (50.03 cm), and has a depth of 21.3 inches (54.10 cm). It weighs 77.2 lbs (35 kg).

  • Roomy interior gives you fridge and freezer space for dorm rooms, offices, patios, and more
  • Freestanding design with reversible doors and adjustable feet
  • Bottom freezer opens via separate door and gives you three storage drawers for frozen snacks and food storage
  • Fridge storage uses two glass shelves, pull out drawers, and on the door storage racks
  • LED interior light can be turned off and on
  • Temperature control inside the fridge compartment lets you adjust the temperature in the fridge from 0° to 10° C (32° to 50° F) and freezer from -22° to -12° C (-0.4° to 10.4° F)
  • Includes small ice tray
  • Stainless steel finish and recessed handles
  • Manual defrost
  • Energy Star certified

Setting up the Insignia mini fridge with freezer

Setting up the Insignia Mini Fridge with Freezer is fairly easy, even for one person. The box pulls up and over the fridge itself, and once the top box is off you’ll remove the fridge from the bottom simply by lifting it up and out. It’s around 77 lbs, so if it’s too heavy you can ease out one corner at a time.

You’ll have to remove the tape from the door and the shelving before using it, and once it’s in position you’ll plug it into any standard outlet.

Top features of Insignia bottom mount mini fridge with freezer

I really like the size and style of the Insignia bottom mount mini fridge with freezer. I have a bottom mount freezer in my kitchen and I love it, so it’s nice that there is an option like that in a mini fridge as well. It’s a slim fridge so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and there are a few features on it that make it a must-add to your small space.

Adjustable shelf and drawers

Insignia mini fridge freezer

If you’ve never had a freezer with drawers, you’re really missing out. Drawers give you the power to stash away bulky items and keep your shelves clean, and I love having that option in a mini fridge. The Insignia mini fridge with freezer has three freezer drawers, giving you more than enough room for cold snacks like ice cream or popsicles. There is also more than enough room for frozen dinners, cuts of meat, or a loaf of bread.

I like the cute little ice cube tray that’s included with this fridge and freezer. You can place it inside the drawers and have ice ready for drinks whenever you need it.

The fridge has a pull-out drawer you could use for fruit or vegetables, and one of the shelves in the fridge is adjustable so you can store larger items. There is also storage in the door of the fridge, and you can store bottles of soda or small containers of milk there.

Interior temperature control

Insignia mini fridge temp dial

The dial to turn the temperature up and down is inside the refrigerator, and you have options depending on how cold you’d like the fridge and freezer. In many mini fridges that have a freezer, you’ll find one temperature control for both. It’s nice that the Insignia bottom mount fridge with freezer has separate controls for each. It’s a good feature if you’d like really cold drinks stored on top and you want to store frozen treats on the bottom.

There is an LED light inside the fridge that you turn on when you open the door, but you can turn it off and on yourself as well. There is no light in the freezer.

Sleek, stainless steel finish

ice cube tray insignia mini fridge

I love the look of this mini-fridge. It has a stainless steel finish that’s not fingerprint resistant, but it didn’t smudge easily when I touched it. There are recessed door handles as well, and they give the fridge a nice, sleek style. Although they are recessed they still make it easy to open and close the doors.

Both doors are reversible if you’d like to change the way they open.

Energy efficiency

When you have an extra refrigerator plugged in you want to know it’s not going to take a ton of excess energy to run. The Insignia mini fridge with freezer is Energy Star rated. It has an estimated annual energy use of 335-kilowatt hours.

Should you choose the Insignia bottom mount mini fridge with freezer?

Having a mini fridge is a great way to store your perishable items in small spaces. I know a lot of people don’t opt for a freezer when they choose a mini fridge, but there’s a lot to be said for having one, especially when it has the internal space you’ll find in the Insignia mini fridge with freezer.

Because it has a separate fridge and freezer you can choose to open either compartment without fully opening the fridge. That keeps the cold air where it belongs and saves on your energy bill.  I like how you can adjust the shelves in the fridge when you need extra space for tall items. The pull out drawers in the freezer are great for organizing frozen food too.

You can find the Insignia mini fridge with freezer (coming soon) on Best Buy right now.

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