gifts for men who love appliances

If you have a man on your list who loves appliances, shopping for the holidays is going to be really easy this year. There are so many different appliances you can choose. He may love a new pressure cooker, or maybe he’s having trouble keeping up with cleaning so you’d like to gift him a robot vacuum. Whichever you choose, you can jump headfirst into your holiday shopping by tackling gifts for men first.

Instant Pot pressure cooker

instant pot gift for him

If he cooks for himself on a regular basis, an Instant Pot is a great gift. He can make everything from stew to roast to boiled eggs and yogurt, all in half the time and with less mess. A pressure cooker is so easy to use, that anyone can get creative cooking with one. There are also online resources where he’ll be able to find recipe inspirations.

Espresso machine or premium coffee maker
If the guy on your list loves heading to the local coffee shop for a latte or espresso, he will be excited to open up an espresso machine or coffee maker. Some espresso makers have touchscreens so making custom coffee drinks is easy. They also are available with built-in burr grinders and milk frothers.

Robot vacuum

robot vacuum gifts for him

Not everyone has the time to clean every day. If you want to give the guy in your life an easy way to clean up around the house, a robot vacuum is a great gift. Robot vacuums can run every day on a schedule and they have large dust bins to collect dirt, dust, and other debris on your carpets and floors.

Power tools

Power tools are technically appliances, and whether he is into DIY, likes to build, or enjoys working around the yard, power tools are a great gift for the handy guy on your list. You can find everything from drills to chainsaws or sanders, and there are a lot of cordless options so he doesn’t have to be tied to a power outlet. s

freestanding ice maker

Freestanding ice maker

Freestanding ice makers are a great gift for any guy who has his own home bar. There’s no need to have a built-in ice maker because it will sit on your countertop and create different types of ice. Some types of ice makers can make crushed ice, cubed ice, or crunchy ice nuggets.

Which gift will you choose for him?

Those are just a few great gifts for men who love their appliances. For even more amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list, be sure to check out all appliances on Best Buy right now. Happy holiday shopping!

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