main fridge.jpgOver the past few weeks we’ve been talking about some amazing small appliances for students to help them get through the school year with some ease. From coffee makers to crockpots to rice cookers and more, there are so many small appliance options perfect for your dorm room or apartment you might share with friends.

Going away to college or university is most likely your first time living away from home, and I can remember that day clearly all these years later. Not only do you have to get yourself organized for class every day, but you have to make sure you’re feeding your body and brain properly too. It sure makes you appreciate all the help you got from your parents on a daily basis.

Eating in college/university can be a struggle for so many students. It’s either cafeteria food , affordable meals like ramen noodles or mac’n cheese or eating out, which isn’t always friendly on a student budget. With a few small appliances handy you can make your own meals, eat healthier and stay on track with your spending.

We’ve talked about some small appliances to help you with your food prep and cooking, now you need somewhere to keep your cold foods, and if you still live close to home, those delicious home cooked meals mom will send over if you’re lucky. This is where a great bar fridge comes in handy.

Having your own bar fridge allows you to have more options for meals and snacks. You can keep fresh foods such as fruits, veggies and dairy instead of relying on boxed meals.Having your own fridge opens up more options for cooking for yourself, but you can also avoid your roomates eating your groceries or having to label everything you buy in a shared fridge.

I eat a pretty strict diet and I know what it’s like to buy something specific for yourself to enjoy and have someone else eat it. It’s annoying and kind of rude, so by having your own personal fridge hopefully you can avoid situations like that.

Dorm living or even apartment sharing makes me think of staying in a hotel and how nice it is to have a mini or bar fridge in your room. Even when there is outside food to eat or drink, it’s still nice to have the option of having something on hand. If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing like a late night bowl of cereal to keep you going and having a bar fridge to keep your milk would be oh so convenient.

Best Buy customers are great at letting us know their favourite products and why they love them. Reading their reviews and their star ratings can help you find the right bar fridge for your back to school needs.

Spacious and sleekstainless fridge.jpg

Bar fridges come in different sizes which is great because you can easily find the right one for your designated space. This GE Bar fridge is on the larger end but has some great features. It is sleek in its design being stainless steel, and it has a reversible door swing which means the door adjusts to open in whichever way fits your space. It also has a small freezer compartment for your study ice cream storage.

If you are living somewhere where you have to pay for your electrical this fridge is energy star qualified so you know it will help keeping costs down.

It got a great star rating and reviews from our custumers, so if you have the space for it, this might be the fridge for you.

ML from Halifax wrote:


Perfect little refridgerator

Nice and roomy. Nice little freezer. Quiet.

small fridge.jpg

Perfect for small spaces

I have never lived in a dorm but I have been in a couple and they can be quite cramped. If you aren’t living in dorms but are sharing an appartment then the only space to call your own might be a bedroom so a more compact fridge would probably be a necessity since you will have to squeeze it in with your bedroom furniture.

This Black & Decker 1.7 Cu. Ft. Bar Fridge is perfect for small spaces. Even with it’s small size it still offers a freezer with ice cube tray. Our custumers who really needed a fridge for a tiny space love this product.

The Chamber of Commerce in Trail wrote



Great fridge, the right size for what we needed. Love that the fridge has a freezer compartment. Shipped Fast!

Something uniquefun fridge__1439055243_174.1.17.29.jpg

There really is the perfect bar fridge for anyone and if you are looking for something unique and fun then this Marshall 4.4 Cu. Ft. Bar Fridge is for you. Not only does it have a lot of storage space and a freezer, it is super cool and a great conversation piece.

All music lovers will like how this fridge will blend in perfectly with your decor and you’ll be the talk of the dorm. It’s also a great way to disguise your fridge if you have any of those pesky roomates that’s always eating your food.

David from PG wrote


More than AMPle space for beer… it’s jammin’!!!

Awesome looking product! Side by side with my other amplifiers, it is hard to see that is a fridge! Keeps the beverages cold too!

I know I can’t even imagine living without a fridge. I would hate not being able to have the option of keeping anything cold or having to go out anytime you needed even just a drink. Bar fridges aren’t just for the bar area as their name suggests, they are perfect and convenient for any small space.

There are some great bar fridges on and you can be sure to get one you will love by checking out best buy’s star ratings and reviews.


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