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Appliances are not often the first type of tech you think about when it comes to CES. But they are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the massive tech show. This year is no different, with plenty of exciting appliances on display at the show. From large appliances to small ones, these are all leveraging technologies like Wi-Fi, smart integration, and of course, AI. We already covered some of the small appliance at CES this year in a previous article. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting major appliances at the show.

Samsung AI & SmartThings appliances

Samsung Bespoke

Samsung is introducing AI features and SmartThings connectivity across an array of its appliances, including the 2024 Bespoke 4-Door Flex refrigerator with AI Family Hub. The Family Hub, which originally launched back in 2016, was Samsung’s first connected refrigerator, and now it will be combined with the latest Bespoke modular design options. It also has a new AI Vision Inside feature, which leverages a smart internal camera to visualize what’s inside and help you with grocery shopping. The Vision AI technology can identify up to 33 different fresh food items based on training data from about a million food photos. Once food is added, you can manually add expiration data for certain perishable items, like milk or condiments, and receive alerts on the 32-inch screen when they are approaching those dates. There’s also a Fridge Manager feature that monitors the status of the water filter and lets you know when a replacement is needed. 

When it comes to the new Samsung Anyplace Induction Cooktop and Slide-in Range, they each now come with a built-in 7-inch screen where you can view recipes you have selected and saved from Family Hub+, so you don’t need to worry about using your phone or tablet. There’s also anti-scratch glass on the induction surface versus ceramic glass to help resist scratches.

The Family Hub+ and Slide-in Range can both access the Samsung Food application, which also connects to Samsung Health and has new AI features. Personalize, for example, powered by Food AI, helps you adapt recipes to reflect dietary requirements. The new Image-to-Recipe feature uses Vision AI to recognize what meals you might be able to make based on what’s in your fridge. There’s also Tailored Meal Plan, which analyzes information from your connected Samsung Health profiles to create personalized meals based on your wellness preferences. Once you find a recipe you want, you can tap a few buttons to send it to the compatible kitchen appliances and get cooking. There’s also a feature called Tap View, which lets you mirror your Samsung Galaxy phone on the Family Hub+ screen, even enjoying social media applications while you cook.

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LG washers and dryers

LG Smart WashCombo

LG introduced a new line of washers and dryers at the show, including the new 5 cubic-foot Mega Capacity Smart WashCombo All-in-One Washer/Dryer with Inverter HeatPump technology and Direct Drive Motor. It purports to be able to run a complete wash and dry cycle in under two hours, but here’s the clincher: you don’t have to transfer clothing from one drum to another. With a ventless design, it also claims to use up to 60% less energy than a vented model.

It can fit ultra-large loads including a king-size comforter, yet still saves space because everything is done in the same unit. LG’s Inverter HeatPump technology delivers quiet operation while streamlined controls make it easy to control via a turn of the dial, complete with helpful prompt and status updates. It offers more than 20 cycles, all controllable via a touch panel.

The lint trap is located at the top of the unit while the exLintFilter design makes it simple to remove lint after each load without having to do it manually by hand.

As with all the latest smart appliances, this combo machine also includes built-in sensors that use AI technology to detect fabric texture, soil level, and load size, then automatically selects the right wash/dry motions, temperature, and other settings for optimal fabric care.

There’s also an ezDispense Automatic Dispenser that dispenses the right amount of detergent and fabric softener, skipping refills for up to 18 to 31 loads. You’ll get an alert via the app on your phone letting you know when you need to add more.

The machine uses five powerful jets to spray clothing from multiple angles for a complete clean. An Allergiene wash cycle uses stream to remove over 95% of dust, pet dander and pollen. The Direct Drive Drying Technology, meanwhile, does not contain any belts or pulleys, and comes backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Using a standard 120v plug, the combo machine is compatible with multiple pedestals and risers. You can opt for a secondary pedestal washer with the LG SideKick if you want to be able to wash two loads at once.

Naturally, it includes LG SmartThinQ technology as well, so you can control it remotely or even by voice commands using Google or Alexa voice assistants. You can also use the app to download additional cycles and access Smart Diagnosis, customer support, and more.

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LG styler

LG Styler

LG Stylers have been a mainstay of the company’s booth for years now, and the new version features a handheld, high-pressure steamer, dynamic moving hanger, and Dual TrueSteam technology. It’s designed to help you refresh clothing, improve drying, dehumidification, and de-wrinkling.

The handheld, high-pressure steamer is being included with the LG Styler line for the first time, helping you remove wrinkles from shirts and other garments so you don’t need to use a separate iron. Hang up your wrinkled clothing inside the door, take out the steamer attached to the bottom of the Styler, and start the steam process with a single button press. The high-pressure steam penetrates garments, smoothing them and eliminating wrinkles. Since the steamer itself is compact, it is easily stored right in the styler itself.

The Dynamic Moving Hanger system, meanwhile, no longer just moves side to side for dust removal like with the previous generation model. It boasts enhanced dust removal, deodorization, drying, and wrinkle mitigation with a twisting motion, using a rotating mechanism. It also contributes to the LG Styler’s upgraded cycles, such as the Fine Dust cycle, which twists and shakes up to 350 times per minute to remove large and fine dust particles from clothing.

A key feature of the new Styler is LG’s Dual TrueSteam technology. Instead of a single heater, Dual TrueSteam uses a pair of heaters to boil water and generate steam, allowing for more precise control of the steam spray’s volume and strength. If you’re steaming more delicate materials, like silk and cashmere, you can use just one of the two heaters. Dual TrueSteam also enables a Sanitary cycle, a specialized cycle that keeps clothes hygienically clean by eliminating over 99.99% of germs and 11 different kinds of harmful bacteria.

A built-in ventilation system automatically circulates air throughout the room and offers a dehumidification function that can collect up to 10 liters of moisture from the room without opening the door of the Styler.

There’s also a Pants Press option that adopts an upgraded hanging structure to enable sharper, wrinkle-free creases. Choose the right selection using the built-in LCD touchscreen.

Hisense smart built-in dishwasher

Hisense dishwasher

Every appliance nowadays is not only smart but becoming even smarter. Processes are automated as is things like diagnoses and customization. The Hisense Smart Built-in Dishwasher has Autodose and Autodry technology built-in so it can automatically dispense the precise amount of liquid detergent for up to a month before it needs to be refilled. The door also automatically opens to expel the steam and dry the dishes once a cycle is done. Finished in stainless steel, the dishwasher can accommodate up to 15 place settings and runs at a quiet 40dBA thanks to Hisense’s inverter technology.

On the AI side, Hisense also has some exciting future concepts the company is working on.

LG mycup Tumbler Washer

LG MyCup

Most fitting for businesses like office spaces, gyms, cafes, and schools, the LG mycup tumbler washer is designed to encourage the use of reusable cups and tumblers. Clean one tumbler at a time on either a quick wash or extra wash cycle, the latter ideal if you need to clean a tumbler that had a milk-based drink or protein shake in it, for example, with harder to remove residue. Get a notification on the app once the cycle is done. It uses 65°C hot water cycle for sanitary cleaning while the extra wash course adds air drying as well.

Eureka washer and vacuum cleaner combo

Eureka concept washer, dryer, robot vacuum

It’s easily one of those “what will they think of next?” innovations that other companies are probably kicking themselves asking “why didn’t we think of that first?” The fact that the Eureka appliance combines both a washer and dryer in one isn’t what makes it stand out: other companies like LG and GE introduced something similar as well. What’s really cool about this appliance is that at the bottom is a dock for a robot vacuum and mop. The cleaner connects to the drain pipe and water line along with the washing machine (genius!) so the mop can work seamlessly for wet mopping the floor, then it scoots around to dry vacuum. Once it’s done, the vacuum dutifully docks itself back right under the washer/dryer. Learn more about this innovative washer/dryer and robot vacuum and mop combo in our article and video.

As I stated at the top, if you were looking for what’s new in small appliances, then check out our article covering some of the most exciting small appliances at CES 2024. And if you’re wondering what kinds of appliances are carried by Best Buy, check out our Appliances Buying Guide.

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