Eureka concept washer, dryer, robot vacuum

We have seen plenty of innovation in washing machines and lots of new features in robot vacuums, but what we haven’t seen until now is an innovation that combines the two. Eureka has one of the most talked about large appliances at CES 2024 in its concept dual washer and robot vacuum, a washing machine that can also dry in the same unit (a trend we’re also seeing at the show with others like LG and GE offering something similar). But that’s not what signifies the “dual” functionality: look down and at the bottom of the unit is a built-in robot vacuum and mop.

Eureka washing machine with built-in robot vaccum

Arguably, the unit should have been called a “quad” washing bot since it can both wash and dry clothes as well as vacuum and mop floors. Finished in metallic blue, it has a control panel near the top and looks like any other washing machine. But at the base where you’d typically see a solid surface, maybe a pedestal, is a dock where the robot vacuum neatly scoots inside once it’s done cleaning.

Eureka concept washer, dryer, robot vacuum

A benefit here is not only space saving, but also easy replenishment of water for the mopping function. Rather than having to fill a reservoir, since the machine connects to your drain and water line, the same source that feeds the washing machine for a load also refills the water for mopping.

Keep in mind this isn’t one of the most powerful robot vacuums you’ll find on the market, but the autonomous nature of it could appeal to many. This includes the simple cleaning process, which involves food-grade deodorization that helps prevent mold and mildew. All you’ll ever need to do to clean it (aside from dusting off the brushes and rollers every now and then) is change the dust bag in the dock every few months on average.

Plus, the robot vacuum can tell you when your laundry load is done, provides audible alerts about its progress, and even has a built-in camera to keep on eye on the home while you’re away.

This is just a future concept product, but Eureka does have a new robot vacuum coming out this year called the J20, along with the OmniVerse multi-function vacuum.

Eureka robot vacuums at CES 2024

Eureka J20 robot vacuum

What sets the J20 apart from other models on the market is the RollRenew mopping system, which uses a cycling belt mop and dual water tank system that always ensures the mop is using fresh water while cleaning. It can tackle the toughest stains, like red wine, tomato sauce, and coffee.

With a powerful 8,000Pa of suction, this vacuum is much more premium than the one built into the dual washer and robot vacuum concept product, which offers 2,000 Pa section for lighter cleans. This one can pick up everything from large debris to fine dust particles. It comes with a base station where it empties dust, washes and dries the built-in mop, collects the dirty water, refills water, and adds detergent. The built-in ventilation system with a fan controls odour. It’s set for availability in April 2024 in the U.S., so stay tuned for details about Canada.

Eureka OmniVerse vacuum

While upright vacuums don’t get as much attention as robot vacuums nowadays, there’s still a market for them. The Eureka OmniVerse has QuickShift Technology that allows you to seamlessly raise, lower, and remove the canister. Easy to navigate in hard-to-reach spots like under furniture, around tight corners, and on stairs (where robot vacuums can’t go, naturally), it has a dual-motor design, anti-tangle brush roll, and a sealed HEPA filtration system that Eureka says can capture 99.9% of dust, dander, and allergens. It even has LED headlights to help illuminate a path for more precise cleaning in darker rooms or areas of the home.

There are so many ways to innovate in small appliances, but Eureka’s Dual Washing Bot is one of the most interesting we have seen at CES 2024 so far. You can find Eureka at Best Buy right now and keep watching the blog for more from CES 2024.

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