With the suppressive heat of summer quickly coming on, there’s no time better than the present to buy a new fan. (Well, aside from three weeks ago, perhaps.) It’s difficult to go wrong with your fan purchase, but there are a few things to consider when buying a fan.

The first question when buying a fan: Why do I need one?

Fans are often thought of as a summer item, but most consumers would be surprised to find out that they’re an all-year item. Air circulation is key in keeping your household evenly-temperate and smelling fresh, even in the winter.

If you need a traditional fan that offers only the basics, for instance, Ecohouzing (pictured at left) offer textbook wire fans with high-speed motors. This type of fan is great for someone who just needs airflow, and Ecohouzing’s design aesthetics make them ideal for a commercial setting. The brand’s wire grating tends to  feature smaller gaps between the bars than other brands, which may help keep small fingers safe in and around the home or office.

A simple, three-speed fan like those offered by Ecohouzing or Sunbeam can exist either as a stand fan or a tabletop one, and helps rotate air throughout your home or business. In the summer, a good fan will create a breeze to help you feel cooler in the heat. In the winter, a fan will make sure your home is heated evenly. (Ceiling fans excel at this: set them to blow anticlockwise at a brisk speed in the summer, and clockwise in a low speed in the winter.)

For a more “modern” fan, you may want something with a rotating base, similar to a small space heater. Bionaire offer great oscillating tower fans, which sit near the floor and circulate air without blowing directly on you, making them great for shared living spaces like the dining room or den.

Where will my fan go?

Once you’ve determined why you need a fan–winter air circulation, summer air circulation, or a direct breeze by way of a traditional standing fan–you’ll need to consider its placement. Wire fans, for instance, are often better for commercial settings, and are used almost exclusively in warehouse ones.

But within the home, many consumers prefer a more contemporary look to their fans. Dyson (pictured at right) offer a range of extremely quiet, modern fans at a luxury price point – and with a luxury look. Their bladeless system is great for bedrooms and offices, where a noisy fan may be distracting or keep you up at night, and their sleek design looks great in a living room. This higher-end brand also offers features like a sleep timer, oscillation, and remote control operation for each model. While these features are seen often in tower fans, Dyson offers them for all of their models (including desk fans.)

On a budget, Honeywell fans are also great for an all-around option. The brand offers both tabletop and stand fans, with curved, plastic bodies very similar to those seen in Sunbeam models. Most models tout three different speeds despite the budget cost, giving you the flexibility to put a Honeywell fan into both large and small spaces.

A great fan can help make your living space comfortable throughout the entire year, and Best Buy offers a number of different brands and models to suit your needs for power, design, and features.

Shop fans online at Best Buy today.

Rae Chen
Rae Chen covers everything from handbags to speakers here on the Best Buy Plug-in Blog. They can also be found at thenotice.net, where they've been writing about beauty & wellness since 2007.


  1. Additional thoughts…

    * quick way to cool my home is to stick one fan in a window after sunset and a second fan at the opposite end of the house as an exhaust. Amazing how quickly the house cools down in 15 minutes. Works even faster if you put additional fans in the hallways to send that hot air to the exhaust room. Window or Box fan’s are great. Just need to make sure Mr. Skunk isn’t prowling outside.



    * at the office, this is my fav personal fan. Running on USB, it is so quiet and effective to cool my work area. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/thermaltake-external-usb-fan/12496918.aspx

    * Not available at Best Buy…. several power tool manufacturers now have cordless fans available. Cordless fans work great where you can drop a fan where there is no power outlet. No tripping hazard for seniors or kids.

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