The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an eye-popping, mind-blowing experience for any tech enthusiast, but one of the most frequent questions that stick out as you tour the latest innovations is release date: Is the product available in the current year, or are we looking at a prototype and will we have to wait a year, sometimes several until we can get hold and own the device?

This is why I love Sony Canada’s annual VIP event that brings us much of the best of what they showcased at CES to a Best Buy Canada store near you. Held annually in Toronto, this event offers beautiful display units that always attendees – mainly dealers and media – to look, touch and try new models of Sony devices. From the latest developments in 4K and smart TVs, to cameras, camcorders and portable audio, Sony’s 2015 lineup impresses and are worth experiencing.

Today, let’s take a look at the wonderful world of big screen TVs which are not only getting bigger and smarter, but thinner too.

4KTVs certainly give meaning to the adage, “a picture tells a thousand words.” The stunning picture quality and ability to upconvert the displays using their technologies really impress. The X1 processor chip within each Sony 4TV feature three main technologies:

  • Triluminous Display, which gives breathe and vibrancy to every colour displayed
  • X-Reality Pro engine, enhances every picture up to 4K quality, and


  • X-tended Dynamic Range, provides dynamic contrast, capturing every shade of light.

The showstopper TV at this year’s presentation was Sony’s new BRAVIA 900C 4KTV. As seen at CES earlier this year, this unit is an impossibly thin 4.9 mm thick. Thinner than today’s smartphones, this TV offers amazing 4K picture quality, smart capability to run apps like Netflix and YouTube and can be wall-mounted or displayed on a stand. The Canadian launch date of this incredible screen is expected by this summer.

Two more reasons to get excited for smart TVs: Android TV Sony Play

Sony demonstrated why internet-enabled TVs are the way of today and in the future. This year, we will see higher-end Sony models built with Android TV and offering access to subscriptions to PlayStation Now.

Featured in Sony’s higher end BRAVIA TVs, Android TV utilizes the power of Google and the Android operating system to further demonstrate the power of merging the capabilities of mobile devices to the big screen. There are four big reasons why Android TV is awesome are:


  • Access to Google Play: enter a world of content and apps from Android’s app store, dubbed Google Play. There are thousands of apps available, spanning movies, TV shows, games and more.
  • Voice Search: Use voice commands to literally say what you want to see. Using voice search is convenient, allowing you to search by simply talking to your TV.
  • Google Cast: With the popular of devices like Google Chromecast, it’s wonderful seeing the casting feature become a built-in one in some Sony TV models. With Google Cast, you can ‘cast’ your favourite entertainment from your mobile device. But it’s not just Android you can throw. iOS mobile devices will work too with the install of the Google Cast app.
  • Google Games: Get instant gaming capabilities on the TV by downloading games from the Google Play Games app. Games range from free to a cost. What I love about this feature is the fact you can begin gaming on your mobile device, then pick up where you left off by continuing on the big screen.

PlayStation Now


As seen on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console, PlayStation Now is a streaming service available in select Sony BRAVIA TVs. This is a great way to enjoy gaming if you are not looking to dive into buying a full-fledged console.

There are two ways to enjoy PlayStation Now through a Sony-equipped smart TV: monthly subscriptions for unlimited access to more than 100 PlayStation 3 games, and individual game rentals. Just add a Bluetooth wireless game controller, like a PS4 Dual Shock controller, or the Logitech Wireless Gamepad.

I grew up with Sony televisions in my home, and a few decades later, it’s exciting to see they are still a leader among the category. From the thinness of the TV, to stunning 4K picture quality, to the super smart powers they provide through Android TV and PlayStation Now, when you are in the market for the next big screen, you will want to give a Sony BRAVIA a try and experience them for yourself.

Check back here on Best Buy’s Plug-in Blog early next week to discover what’s new in cameras and portable audio from Sony Canada.

Elliott Chun
Elliott Chun is passionate for all things tech, consumer and enterprise-focused. He appreciates the betterment and fun they bring to the world and is known for evangelizing their merit on TV, radio and online, including Plug-In. A veteran in the marketing-communications space, today he is the head of both areas for the ASTOUND Group, an award-winning design and fabrication house building brand expressions, experiences and environments. When not promoting brands and discovering what’s new in tech, you’ll find Elliott in pursuit of finding the world’s best pizza.