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Shopping for yourself is a completely different experience than shopping for your business or school. It’s more challenging to shop with the needs of a group or office in mind, and buying to outfit an office with tech, small appliances for the break-room, or smart devices for added security can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, single-person business, large corporation, non-profit, or school, there’s always different tech you’ll need to choose, furniture to pick out, appliances to order, and support to help you get everything you need up and running. That’s where Best Buy Business comes in, to provide buyers of different organizations with multiple business solutions that help equip them for success.

What are the business solutions?

Best Buy Business is more than just a way to shop for business supplies and equipment; it’s a resource to connect you to services, advice, and support when you need it.

A free online Business Account

Instead of buying all your office needs from multiple websites and searching for the best prices and options, you can do one-stop shopping for office needs, client or employee gifts, and the latest tech devices. Best Buy Business Hub is a business e-commerce platform that logs you into your personal business hub and gives you a spot to quickly shop and manage your orders.

Personal Account Manager

Account Managers are there to help you source out the best products and solutions for your business, offer you advice on what you’re looking for and work with you to stay within your budget. They will also assist with large orders and offer project management services if you’ll be installing audio or visual equipment.

Volume purchasing

If you need to make a large order for one or more of Best Buy’s retail or commercial products, Best Buy Business will give you access to competitive pricing and assist with everything from product choice to delivery to multiple addresses if needed.

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Geek Squad Installation Services

Geek Squad’s years of experience and Canadian network of over 490 highly trained field Agents guarantee that you get a fast, professional and high-quality installation. Whether it’s a TV in a conference room or a large video wall for a restaurant, no installation job is too small, too big or too complex.

Digital signage

Whether you need menu boards for your restaurant or café or digital displays for your hotel or office, Best Buy Business partners with top brands such as Samsung, LG, Sharp, Viewsonic and more to bring you the latest commercial grade TVs to choose from with additional coverage options. Geek Squad can then provide professional coast to coast installation services to help you advertise your business offerings, entertain your customers, or engage your students in the best way possible.

Rewards and incentives

If you dread the holidays because you know you’ll be buying hundreds of gifts for employees and clients, or if you want to add more choice to your rewards program and need a fulfillment partner, Best Buy Business will be your helping hand. You can choose from the latest top-brand technology, small appliances or health and fitness products to motivate your customers and best employees while helping increase sales.

Business-level pricing

Keeping your overhead low and your profit margin high is important for any business, and it’s even more important to keep costs low when you’re managing the tech purchase for a school or non-profit. You can stay well within your budget with Best Buy Business because customers get business-level pricing on thousands of the retail and commercial products available in the Business Hub.

Flexible payment options

Business owners know that cash may flow in and out at certain times of the month and not others. With flexible payment methods, you can choose to pay with a credit card or through Net 30 Terms (based on eligibility) which gives you the option of paying your invoice right away or within 30 days.

Who is Best Buy Business for?

There are all types of businesses and organizations that would benefit from Best Buy Business.

Small and corporate businesses

Whether you run meetings from a large boardroom or via a computer from a small three-person office, Best Buy Business can set you up with a wide selection of top-brand tech. Wondering which computer or tablet would work best for you? Or, do you need digital signage, a projector, or HDTVs to help share information? You’ll find thousands of products specially selected for all types of businesses, and Geek Squad will help you save time with set up.

K-12 and Higher Education

Best Buy for Education

Best Buy Education focuses on transforming education, empowering teachers and inspiring students with a range of services for schools that include IT, networking and infrastructure, audio visual installations and asset tagging as well as offers thousands of products for classrooms, break-rooms, offices and more. Some of the tools that Best Buy Education provides to advance student-centered learning include Chromebook devices, 3D printers, and various STEM toys that help teachers engage and teach young minds about robotics, science, and programming.

Hotels, restaurants and retail outlets

Whether you need tech, office supplies or you’d like digital signage to share messages or entertain your customers, Best Buy Business can offer customized commercial-grade products or displays that help you engage your customers. You don’t have to wonder how to install it all either, because Geek Squad will set it all up and give you a hand with any issues you may have in the future.

Products available for Best Buy Business customers

You can shop Best Buy’s large variety of retail products as well as thousands of commercial-grade products to fit your organization’s needs:

  • Computers, tablets, and IT to outfit your entire company or organization
  • Appliances large and small for your break-room or coffee bar
  • Cell phones and accessories to keep you connected
  • Audio solutions like headphones and speakers
  • Smart devices and cameras for security
  • TVs and commercial displays to share messages and engage customers
  • Cameras to document life in your office or classroom
  • Office and classroom furniture and supplies
  • Educational toys and robotics including STEM toys
  • Health and fitness equipment and fitness wearables

Contact Best Buy Business

You can sign up for a free Business Account yourself and once you do you’ll have access to the Business Hub to manage your orders, tap into business-level pricing, connect with your personal account manager and take advantage of so much more that is offered. You can also call the Sales team for any inquiries at 1 800 423 3429.

Take a look at Best Buy Business today and see how it could be a perfect solution for your business.

If you’re a school, you can explore the different solutions that Best Buy Education has to offer.

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