Getting the perfect gift for a new mom is so important. It’s not easy being a new mom. Whether it’s her first child or fifth, as rewarding as being a mother is, new moms are exhausted, stressed, and have so much on their plate. While flowers and candy are great, as are gift cards, if you want something mom will truly be able to enjoy right away, a great tech gift makes sense. As a mom myself (though I haven’t been a new one for some time!), I have plenty of friends who recently had babies. Drawing from this experience and knowledge, I have some ideas for the best gifts for new moms.

A fitness tracker or smartwatch for getting back in shape

Fitbit Charge 6

Fitness trackers or smartwatches are great motivators and goal-setters for new moms who are probably looking to get back into shape after giving birth. They monitor activity and workouts, calorie intake and burning, and more. From her daily stroller walks with the baby to the quick workout sessions she’s able to fit into her busy days or weeks, new moms will love the ability to track progress. Mom will also love a fitness tracker or smartwatch with detailed sleep tracking so she can see if she’s getting good quality sleep even if it isn’t a lot of it, or at least have an idea of how much sleep she’s lacking and how it contributes to other health and wellness factors.

Some other things to consider with a fitness tracker and in particular a smartwatch: some let you keep track of other things through third-party apps, like the baby’s feeding or diaper change schedule. Some also pair with a smart scale, like Fitbits with the Aria scale and Apple Watch with some compatible Withings scale models. A great fitness tracker for a new mom is the Fitbit Inspire 3 or new Fitbit Charge 6, and if you’re considering a smartwatch, go with the Apple Watch Series 9 or Google Pixel 2, depending on the phone she has.

Espresso machine for fueling tough mornings

Delonghi Magnifica Evo espresso machine

Ever since using the DeLonghi Magnifico Evo automatic espresso machine with milk frother, which I reviewed earlier this year, I can’t possibly imagine going back to a standard coffee maker. I often think how amazing a machine like this espresso machine would have been when I was a new mom. Coffee is our fuel (for those who drink it) and having a delicious cup, cappuccino, or latte that rivals what you’d get in a local café right from the comfort of your home can make such a difference in her day.

Of course, if she’s nursing, she’ll have to limit the amount of coffee she drinks. But that makes it even more important that the one cup she has each day is worth it in taste and texture, made from fresh ground or even whole coffee beans with a delicious aroma to wake her up to be ready to tackle the day.

A new set of luggage for an overnight getaway

Swiss Mobility LGA luggage

The best gift you can give a new mom is some time away. While she might find it difficult to leave her little one, once a routine has been put in motion, encourage her to go on a trip, even a short overnight stay, to clear her mind, catch up on sleep, and enjoy some much deserved “me” time. It might be with girlfriends or even solo. Start with booking the trip, like a spa weekend, and gift her a nice new set of luggage with a big red bow, the ticket inside.

The great thing about this gift is that she can use it again and again, like on the next family vacation once you’re all ready to travel. Find something with a nice size so she can fit numerous outfits (trust me, she won’t know what she feels comfortable in nor what will still fit). It should have wheels that move freely so she can enjoy easy navigation without a heavy load to pull behind her. See our travel buying guide for other gift suggestions and tips for travel to help you decide on the best option for a new mom.

Baby swing so she can catch up on chores

4moms Mamaroo 5 baby swing

Yes, a baby swing is technically for the baby, but if baby loves it, you’ll give a new mom the gift of some quiet relax time, or time to catch up on chores, while baby is soothed for a daytime nap or quiet play. I had a MamaRoo from 4moms for my son when he was a baby and he would enter a trance of calm any time he was in it. The MamaRoo 5, the latest model, offers multiple bounce speeds and five motions designed to mimic common motions of being in a moms’ arms, like swaying, rocking, and bouncing up and down. It’s controllable via a smartphone app or even voice commands and has toys for sensory play. Note that this is suitable for babies about nine months old, so get this for a mom whose baby is nearing this age.

There are other baby swings suitable for younger babes as well. Check out plenty of other baby gear with items that will help mom, too.

Video games for downtime

Nintendo Switch Lite

Downtime for a new mom? What’s that? Jokes aside, moms deserve some downtime, even if it’s just 20 minutes before bedtime while the other parent puts the baby to sleep or in the afternoon while baby is down for their nap. Video games might be considered time wasters but they are also stress relievers. They can also help keep a mom’s mind sharp with hand-eye coordination, something she’ll appreciate after lacking so much sleep.

What are some good video game gift ideas for a new mom? A portable console like the Nintendo Switch Lite is something she can play in hand and still stay nearby if the baby stirs or awakens. As for games, consider titles like Animal Crossing, anything in the Super Mario universe, or even classic games that don’t require much thought but are loads of fun. If she can end the game at any moment without worry about losing progress.

Personal blender for smoothies and baby food

Blendjet portable blender

A personal blender is a small appliance that will make life easier for a new mom. With their busy schedules worrying about caring for baby, getting household chores done, and trying to catch up on sleep, they have little time to cook meals. With a personal blender, they can at least ensure they get a quick protein shake or smoothie in. This will give them the nutrients necessary to get them through an afternoon where they had to skip lunch because baby was colicky or they need a quick breakfast before rushing out the door for a mommy and me playdate.

Plus, a personal blender can be used to make homemade baby food once the bambino is old enough to try solids. Take leftover potatoes, steamed vegetables and fruits, and soft or even frozen fruits, blend them up and feed to baby with a spoon. Clean-up is usually a breeze, and with models that are battery powered, mom can use them virtually anywhere.

True wireless earbuds for quiet listening

There are so many ways a mom will use these earbuds. It might be to listen to tunes or a podcast during her morning run (with or without baby) or to enjoy a hands-free call with babe in arms. When my son was a baby, I can’t count how many times he fell asleep in my arms for an afternoon nap. Rather than try and transfer him to his crib, I would just hold him while relaxing in the glider chair and pop on a movie or TV show. With a pair of wireless earbuds, I could listen to something close up, like on a phone or tablet, without disturbing him.

Shokz OpenFit earbuds

I love open-ear models with ear hooks for this purpose, like the Shokz OpenFit open-ear true wireless earbuds, because they are easy to put on and take off. The case is a bit bigger than usual so you can manipulate it easily one handed with a baby in your arms. And they don’t completely plug your ears so you can still hear a whimper from the baby or the “ding” of the washing machine cycle finishing. This is a gift mom can use in so many situations, and she’ll use them long after baby has reached their first year.

A massager for her aching muscles

Person rolling on a foam roller

New moms are dealing with post-partem pain, plus the strain on their backs from carrying a baby around all the time as well as potentially aching muscles from post-birth workouts to get back in shape. There are many massager options to consider for a new mom, from handheld and percussive massager to a Shiatsu massager or even something as simple as a foam roller.

I recently invested in a foam roller after experiencing recurring back pains from my daily workouts. My friends who use them swear that they help tremendously on everything from your back to your legs. Mom can even do a quick rolling session while she’s on the floor with baby during tummy time.  

Put a smile on a new mom’s face

Moms of all kinds need help, but new moms especially need all the support they can get. It’s a trying time, whether they’re dealing with their first child or trying to juggle a new baby with siblings as well. Put a smile on a new mom’s face and help her revel in the joy of having a new baby with the perfect gift for mom.

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