Have you recently upgraded to a new 4K or 8K TV? Congrats on the amazing video quality you’re now enjoying. Now, how about getting your audio to sound as good as the video looks? Soundbars are easy to install and can produce significantly better audio than the built-in TV speakers. If you are wondering if a soundbar is the right gift for anyone with a TV, here are a few things to consider.

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Sound bars are easy 

Setting up a soundbar is incredibly easy to do. Usually, all they will need to do is connect one HDMI or optical audio cable to the TV, plug it in, and that’s it! If you have a smart TV, many of these devices can recognize the new connection, and even let you use your TV remote to control the sound bar audio too.

Sound bars are also a lot simpler than a surround sound stereo system, so if you need to keep the room tidier with fewer components, a sound bar is your best bet.

Better sound power

If you haven’t been using a sound bar, you (or your gift recipient) might not even have realized that the sound quality isn’t that great when watching television. But, once you’ve experienced a movie using a soundbar, you might never want to go back.

As TVs have gotten smaller, the speakers have also had to shrink. Because of that, the speakers inside your new TV might comparable in size to the ones in headphones or a laptop! The problem is, the louder they turn up your TV volume, the more tinny the sound gets, which makes it a less enjoyable viewing experience.

In order to create great bass sound in particular, there needs to be enough space to move air around, and the slim TVs don’t have the luxury of that space. That’s where the sound bar comes in. More space, more sound, more power.

Smart features & music listening

As you search for the perfect soundbar to give as a gift, you’ll realize that there are many added features that a soundbar can offer, beyond just better sound. Some soundbars might come equipped with a streaming player like Roku (check out the Roku Streambar review I did recently, or shop it here). You can also find soundbars that improve dialog clarity or can automatically level the volume. Not to mention some sound bars offer digital voice compatibility with Google Assistant or Alexa, and they can also work as music speakers too for simple audio listening. I also reviewed the premium Sonos Arc sound bar, if you’re wondering about a more immersive audio experience.

More cost effective than a full home theatre audio system

For less than a couple hundred dollars, you can buy a good quality soundbar that can deliver higher-quality audio than what your TV is able to produce. Naturally you can scale up from there, getting a bigger and more powerful option that can do more too. Sound bars are truly available in every price range.

Sound bars are slim and unobtrusive

Unlike a bulky speaker, a sound bar is long and sleek, and doesn’t distract from the aesthetic of the room. The sound bar can be mounted underneath a TV or it can be kept underneath the TV on the stand. A soundbar is a perfect addition for those who love a modern design. And sound bars are ideal for folks looking to keep visual clutter to a minimum.

Every TV can benefit from the addition of a soundbar. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a movie or TV lover, then a sound bar should be at the top of your list!

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