Finding a reliable, well-recognized service provider for major appliances is soon going to be a lot easier in Canada. Geek Squad has started a new project in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver that involves in-home repairs for major appliance and televisions. Imagine the possibilities: your fridge stops working, you simply call Geek Squad and schedule a repair. It doesn’t even matter where you purchased the appliance: Geek Squad will send an expert technician to your home!

A long history of great service

Geek Squad is well recognized in Canada for its wide range of quality services for Best Buy customers. As soon as you enter any best Buy location you see the orange and black logo in the store, and know that the tech you buy can be repaired, maintained or enhanced right on-site.

Geek Squad does a whole lot more of course.  They have  a wide range of at-home services for home theatres installations,  home computer system maintenance and repair, and even smart home and security evaluation and installations. These services make buying the right technology for your home and ensuring that they function properly in your home easier than ever.

Geek Squad Appliance services

geek-appliance-banner.jpgGeek Squad has been rapidly expanding their range of appliance services as well.  When you buy a major appliance, you need to know that helpful service is readily available if you need it; no one wants to worry about dishwasher leaks, unbalanced cooking surfaces or any similar issues. So when you purchase an appliance from Best Buy you can rely on the Manufacturer’s Warranty and Geek Squad Protection to give you peace of mind with your new purchase.

Geek Squad appliance repair launched in Canada

Geek Squad has just started to expand their current set of appliance services beyond helping with items that are newly purchased from Best Buy. This new program will enable anyone to request a GeekSquad agent to come to their home to diagnose and repair their appliance. In home appliance repair services will apply to most common brands of appliances. Importantly, the appliance did not have to be purchased at Best Buy. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your appliance, you can still contact Geek Squad and request a visit from one of their professional technicians.

The appliance repair call center can be reached at 1-888-678-2581 during these hours:

   Monday-Friday:                     6AM-6PM PST                     9AM-9PM EST

            Saturday:                          8AM-4:30PM PST             11AM-7:30PM EST

The technician will diagnose the issue right in your home.  You do not need to move it or anything (though I’d suggest you clear a path around the appliance so the technician can easily access it). In many cases the technician will be able to correct the issue, though if parts need to be ordered a second visit may be necessary.

These services will apply to the major appliances for the kitchen (stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers) and for laundry (washers and dryers).

As I stated earlier, this program is offered in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. So if you live in these areas of Canada, and have a major appliance that requires servicing, contact Geek Squad at 1-888-678-2581.