If you’re a Smart Home enthusiast, today’s surprise announcement from Google is sure to please. With 4 all-new products announced and on the way (2 are already available for pre-order at Best Buy, and the other 2 are coming soon), your Smart Home is about to get even smarter. Read on for some of the most pertinent details we have on these great new Google products.

Google Nest Doorbell

One of the 2 new Google products that’s already up for pre-order at Best Buy is the Google Nest Wire-Free Video Doorbell. This wireless, battery-powered doorbell is quick and easy to install, and it’s smarter than your average smart doorbell.


How’s that? Well, this next generation doorbell is capable of telling the difference between things like people come-a-knocking and other potential motion detection triggers like animals or passing vehicles. As such, your phone won’t be inundated with notifications that signify nothing at all.

If someone approaches to ring the doorbell or drop off a package, then you will be notified—as you should be. This is just one of many excellent features that the new Google Nest doorbell has. Among the others are voice control compatibility via the Google Assistant, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, encrypted video, Google’s HD Talk and Listen feature, and a whole lot more that you can read all about by visiting its Best Buy product page.

Google Nest Cam

The second of Google’s already listed (at Best Buy) products is the Google Nest Cam Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera. This smart camera is so loaded with features that it’s difficult to believe it’s fully battery operated.

Among its chief features are Full HD 1080p video for total clarity, HDR imaging and night vision, a built-in microphone and speaker so you can speak to or hear anyone your camera can see, tailored mobile alerts if something of note takes place, and the ability to be placed practically anywhere. This final feature is enhanced by weather resistance so it can handle the outdoor elements. Of course, this is just a smattering of its many great features. Be sure to check out its Best Buy Canada product page for additional information.

Nest Floodlight & Indoor Camera

Also on the way and expected to arrive at Best Buy sometime later this month are a new connected floodlight and a wired indoor security camera. Offering many of the same features and benefits as their counterparts discussed above, these products too are sure to bring peace of mind and security to any home they adorn or reside in.


Key features here include interoperability (as Google Nest strives to ensure that all of its smart products work together seamlessly to provide the most reliable service possible) and local storage fallback in case of a power outage. This second feature pertains both to the battery powered Nest Cam and the Nest Cam with floodlight, while the wired indoor Nest Cam has on-device recording as a backup for times when the Wi-Fi is out.

Of course, once again I’m barely scratching the surface of what these new Google Nest products can do. As always, stay tuned to Best Buy Canada (as well as to right here on the blog) for future news and updates pertaining to these new products.

And remember, when it comes to Smart Home security and protection—not to mention comfort, convenience, and the wonder of energy savings—Best Buy has you covered! Check out these and many other Smart Home products at Best Buy Canada today.

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