Salut! I’m Dominique, and I’m proud to be a Blue Shirt. Blue Shirt is the term we use for any team member in our retail division—our front line “face of the company.” Some of our members don’t wear Blue Shirts because they’re stealthy Geek Squad agents, but they’re still Blue Shirts at heart (and many of them actually were Blue Shirts on our sales floor at some point).

blue-shirts4.jpgAs the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colour before hitting the ground, our Blue Shirts are also hitting the ground running—it’s time for the winter holidays! It’s our busiest time of year (sorry Back to School, you just can’t compete) hands down, but it’s also when we face some of the coolest challenges ever.

We’re looking to onboard over a THOUSAND people to share the Best Buy shopping experience during the holidays, and we want the best! You could spend your holidays on the couch playing video games until 4 am, then sleeping until noon, or you could spend it with us and make a difference to others. Want to hear more?

Here are 5 more reasons.

  • YOU make the shopping experience awesome: I’ve shopped online before, and I’m sure you have. It’s convenient and the prices are pretty good—can’t complain. Have you ever tried returning something you bought online when they don’t have a store to go to? It’s a pain. Seriously.

    Now imagine being at work on Boxing Day with boxes of Tim Horton donuts and Starbucks coffee, knowing that there are hundreds of people outside waiting to ask for YOUR advice and buy YOUR products with their gift money from Grandma and Grandpa. Some of those people have waited outside all night just to get your shopping experience. They could have ordered online, but they chose to see you because you are the best. It’s an amazing feeling, and it’s unbeatable.

  • You’ll make friends for life: When you spend 20-40 hours a week with the same team of people, you’ll get to know them pretty quickly. You’ll learn what games they like, what toppings they avoid on their burgers, and whether they like Apple or Microsoft. We Blue Shirts are a tight community and we get to know each other pretty quickly. You probably will discover an online gaming partner for midnight Destiny strikes, find a study buddy for your tough Economics class next term, or just meet a cool person to have coffee with. Either way, who doesn’t want friends?
  • blue-shirts3.jpgWe have fun while being the best: it’s one of our four core values and it’s a mindset I live by. If you aren’t enjoying what you do, it won’t matter how successful you are. Being at the top of the podium is lonely. So why not enjoy the experience and make it exciting? From after-hours games nights to Starbucks coffee runs and holiday gift exchanges, we’re all about combining fun and success.
  • We’ve got some awesome perks: the perks are what most people (including myself) ask about when we’re offered any new position. We want to see all the cool stuff we’re getting when we join the team. At Best Buy, our perks rock. It’s that simple. You’ll have access to our employee discount, a competitive wage, and flexible scheduling (while still meeting business needs), among other things. Who doesn’t love saving money AND making extra money for their holiday shopping?
  • You might end up finding the (workplace) love of your life: I’ve worked here 4 years. That’s not very long compared to some of my co-workers (some of us have been here over 20 years!), but it’s still a lot of time in today’s job market. Many of our store managers start out as part-time specialists—when I first joined Best Buy, I was a part-time Gaming Specialist back when the DS was just getting 3D screens and tablets were basically non-existent. Some of you might only be with us for the holidays, and that’s OK—we’re still going to have a great time together while you’re here. But some of you might stay with us after the holidays, and work here through high school, university, and beyond. And that’s even cooler.

If you have questions about working with Best Buy, you can Tweet us at @BBYCanadaJobs.

Visit our site at and see our seasonal Blue Shirt opportunities available at your local Best Buy.

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  1. As a former “Blue Shirt” as @Best_Buy Dominique  said we call ourseleves, I am now a Geek Squad Agent,  yet still a member of the “family”. It’s great to see all those fameliar smiling faces from Cambie 952 !  As always, those smiles are contageous!!

    I would echo what Dominique mentioned, if you are passionate about and appreciate, receiving and providing quality service, then we’d love to hear from you, because working with people like you, is the best “Perk” of working at Best Buy !

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