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I’m a fortunate man in being able to do the fun job of following and reporting on one of the most exciting industries in the world today. In my time covering consumer tech, I’ve written for a number of publications, including the Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Canada,, Canoe, Digital Trends, MobileSyrup, G4 Tech, PC World, Faze and AppStorm. I’ve also appeared on TV as a tech expert for Global, CTV and the Shopping Channel.

Android Wear has been quiet for a while, having not seen a major update in 18 months, but that will change when Google launches version 2.0 of its smartwatch operating system. A number of additions and improvements are slated for the release, and they will apply to new and current Android Wear smartwatches.

When travelling, you probably want to be ready to capture the most memorable moments and most iconic scenes. Idyllic photos or lively footage are always a simple click away, and with action cams or 360-degree cams, the view widens enough to take in even more of what’s going on.

Mesh networking, also sometimes referred to as “whole home” networking, is the big trend in in-home Internet connectivity this year. Spreading out the connection you’re paying for can get a boost from a mesh Wi-Fi system that acts less as an extension and more like a true net.

In calling it “Velop,” Linksys has designed this mesh Wi-Fi networking system to envelop a home with better throughput to enable users to get more out of their Internet connection. With easier setup and management courtesy of a newer app, and blanketing performance, this is a router system that delivers as advertised.

Search functionality and customization have been focal points, and this update largely keys in on those things. The menu layout has shifted the bottom with options for Channels, What’s On, Remote, Photos+ and Settings. The Channels section lays out everything you have installed, with a separate tab to access and install others.

CES 2017 is over, but the products unveiled there could be impactful as the year goes on when they launch to market. Given the size of the show, this can’t be an exhaustive list, so here are some of the standouts that may pique your interest.

While autonomous cars, smart appliances and super thin TVs made most of the headlines at CES 2017 last week in Las Vegas, an underlying trend was mesh networking in the home. Think of it as Wi-Fi with a wider net that doesn’t lose signal strength at each point in the chain: it’s better Wi-Fi for your home.

Samsung has released its Gear S app on the iOS App Store to enable users with the Gear S2 and Gear S3 (Frontier and Classic) smartwatches, plus the Gear Fit app for the Fit2 band, to work with the iPhone and iPad. Both are available to download now, if you want to get started.

“The future of hair care” is how Withings describes the Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush designed to help users manage and improve the health of their locks. Designed for those with shoulder length hair or longer, the brush offers unique features.

Linksys has entered the burgeoning networking sub-category of mesh Wi-Fi with the Velop, a router that will come as a single unit, or in a pack of two or three to cover your home with a solid connection.

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