Tetris Effect

From the creators of classic puzzles games Lumines and Rez Infinite comes Tetris Effect for the PlayStation 4. Fully playable on both PS4 and PSVR, this addicting and unique take on the world-renowned Tetris franchise includes brand new gameplay mechanics with over 10 modes and more than 30 different stages.

Everything, including the Tetris pieces, dance and simmer in perfect sync with how you are playing. How does Tetris Effect stand out from all the other games in the franchise? Let’s find out!

Tetris EffectTetris Effect Details

Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR optional)
Developers: Monsters Inc. and Resonair
Publisher: Enhance, Inc.
Genre: Puzzle
Modes: Single-player
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Tetris Effect

Classic Tetris gameplay with new mechanics

The core gameplay in Tetris Effect remains the same it has been in all the other games. You move different shaped pieces, Tetriminos, across a grid as they fall down to build a line of blocks. The more lines you clear at once, the more points you earn. As your time counts down, the blocks start to fall faster and thus you have less time to think about where you want to put the pieces.

However, Tetris Effect shakes the traditional Tetris formula and adds an all-new Zone mechanic. With every line that you clear, your Zone gauge, which is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, slowly builds up. Once filled, you can stop time and more importantly the Tetriminos from falling.

This is called being in “the Zone” and more than once has gotten me out of sticky situations. It lasts for several seconds and gives you the extra time needed to decide where you want to place your Tetriminos for maximum efficiency. I also found that while in “the Zone” I was able to take a deep breath, refocus and in some instances complete the stage itself successfully.

Tetris Effect

New and fan-favourite gameplay modes

Tetris Effect offers many different game modes, the main one being Journey mode. This features various different levels that are different and varied from each other. They range from deep beneath the ocean to outer space. Each level has its own theme and music.

Better yet, the backgrounds, music, sounds, special effects all pulse, dance, shimmer and explode in sync with how you are playing. This means as you are playing a level, Tetriminos will spin, glow, and explode. Even objects in the background pulse depending on what’s going on in the game.

Tetris Effect

In addition to Journey mode, Tetris Effect has a whole slew of other modes that add even more replay value to the game. One of my favourites is called Effect Modes. In a nutshell, this is a combination of all the modes in the game with various different rules and setups, which allow you to choose the mood you are or might want to be in.

Categories for this mode are broken down into Relax, Focus, Classic and Adventurous. So, if you are looking to unwind from a stressful day, Relax will offer you a series of levels and rules designed to help unwind. Other fan-favourite modes such as Marathon, Sprint and Ultra are all include as well.

Tetris Effect

Mesmerizing visuals coupled with an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack

In addition to Tetris Effect‘s addicting and easy to pickup and play gameplay, the game features mesmerizing visuals coupled with an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. To say Tetris Effect is a colourful experience is an understatement. The game’s extensive use of bright colours and special effects is nothing short of amazing. Backdrops offer stunning visuals that change as you play and progress in the level.

Playing Tetris Effect on the PSVR adds a whole new dimension to the game. I simply cannot convey through words just how amazing the experience is. You can look up, down, left, right—all around. I had this incredible sense and feeling that I was part of the world wither that be under the ocean or in outer space, whatever the stage may be.

Equally as impressive and important is the game’s soundtrack. The music is matched to the level and the gameplay on the screen. As you rotate the Tetriminos, you begin to create your own personal symphony of sound. It creates a hypnotic effect that was calming. Each level’s music is unique and can start out with soft and calming music and gradually change to a perfectly orchestrated heart pounding song that gets your adrenal flowing.

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect will have you coming back again and again for more of its addicting gameplay

Tetris Effect literally blew my mind. I first had a chance to play it back in September at Fan Expo, and now that I have been playing the final version I am thoroughly impressed.  I can’t recall another video game in recent memory that has been able to make me feel as many emotions and alter my mood as this game has.

If you’ve got a PlayStation VR, then you will want to play Tetris Effect on it. While the game on a standard PS4 is still very impressive, nothing beats the PSVR experience. And, while the core gameplay has stayed the same the new gameplay mechanics and modes perfectly compliment the tried and true Tetris formula that makes the game so addicting.

Tetris Effect is one of my all-time favourite games on the PlayStation 4. I highly recommend checking out the game—I’m sure you will not be disappointed. This is a game you will be coming back time and time again to play.

+ Value priced
+ Addicting gameplay
+ Colourful visuals with a captivating soundtrack
+ Variety of gameplay modes
+ PSVR experience is mind-blowing
+ Each level is unique and offers its own theme and music
+ Easy to pickup and play

– Some may become overwhelmed with the onscreen action and visuals


Gameplay: 5/5
Graphics: 4.5/5
Sound: 5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 5/5

Overall Rating 4.9/5 (98%)

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