The next Mirror’s Edge game has been a long time coming, as the first game in the series was released back in 2008. Fans rejoiced this E3 when we all got our first real glimpse of Faith back in action, and she along with the game has never looked better! Set to release on February 23rd 2016, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will bring us back to the rooftops of the city skyscrapers and by pre-ordering now online with Best Buy you can get the Combat Runner Kit to help fight your way to freedom.

mirrors edge.JPGRelease Date: February 23rd 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE

Publisher: EA

ESRB Rating: Rating Pending

Genre:  Action/Adventure, First Person Platformer

Faith is back and better then ever!

The Mirror’s Edge series follow the exploits and adventures a female runner named Faith, set in a dystopian near future where big brother is always watching. Even though the game is in first person, the main emphasis is on traveling on foot to and from locations using speed, flips, slides, rolls and momentum just like today’s free runners, this is mainly referred to as Parkour. Faith can also utilize kicks punches and other moves to fight against the police and other forces trying to stop her from her duties as a runner. Faith also has a special ability called Runner Vision, which will highlight certain aspects of the game world in bright colours like red, to help show the player how to move quickly through the games rooftop world called the City Of Glass.

mirrors edgescreenshot2.JPG

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Pre-Order online now to get access to the Combat Runner Kit

By pre-ordering your copy of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst online now with Best Buy you can secure yourself a digital download of the Combat Runner Kit. The Combat Runner Kit will give you access to unique in game items, such as the combat themed Projection Shader, which will change how you appear in the online features of the game, a Runner Tag which will go along with your name in the online leaderboards and a unique background which can be used to customize your Screen Hacks.

mirrors edgescreenshot.JPG

The first and best of its kind!

The first game Mirror’s Edge is a must play title in my books and features some of the most interesting and refreshing gameplay of its time. Even though Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the second game in the series it will be more of a pre-sequel as it takes place earlier in Faiths career as a runner. Rest assured it will be as fast paced and exciting as ever and I for one can’t wait to get back in to the world of Mirror’s Edge.

Brad Pajuluoma
Being a child of the 80s Brad grew up playing any and all video games he could get his hands on from the 8 and 16 bit era. As he grew older, video games turned into a life passion. He now works as the QA Lead for one of Toronto’s leading mobile developers. Aside from playing any and all video games he can fit into his hectic schedule, Brad is also a DJ. He enjoys playing some of today’s latest and greatest electronic dance music at clubs here in the city.