Pre-order Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heavensward online to receive Early Access, Unique Loot, and a Chocobo Chick Courier


A little FF14 history

For those of you just tuning in, Final Fantasy XIV is the second Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game in the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix. Heavensward shifts to a new part of Eorzea (eh-or-zee-ah) called Ishgard. It will take players beyond the Coerthas Central Highland and into the air, in the skies above the Sea of Clouds; floating islands there will be your home for a time. Dravania is a “beat-tribe ruled” domain, and will be the first of a few others of that ilk that you can travel to. It sounds dangerous! Come June 23, this MMORPG is coming to PC, Mac, PS3 and PlayStation 4 with a brand new expansion packed with content. If you pre-order the game now on bestbuy.ca, as a special bonus you’ll receive early access to the expansion content ahead of the official launch, along with Baron Circle and Baron Earrings loot reminiscent of Cecil Harvey of Final Fantasy IV and a Chocobo Chick Courier pet.


FF heavensward.JPGPre-order the expansion only version on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the original game plus expansion on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the Collector’s Edition on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the expansion only version on PC


The Fantasy Continues


When Final Fantasy XIV originally launched in 2010 it was a complete disaster. In a move that is relatively unique in my mind Square Enix actually UN-launched the game, taking the servers offline, pledging to release a newer, better game. Anyone who bought the first time around received a free copy of “A Realm Reborn”–a title that is fitting for a game whose entire landscape was re-written to make way for something better.

The game’s main scenario has wrapped up, with the heroes triumphant; a lot like World of Warcraft, there are moments in Final Fantasy 14 where you ARE the biggest and the toughest thing around. Heavensward aims to solve that problem by laying your hero low, because–these are their words here–“your light may be fading”.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means either, other than you’ll have more levels to gain, more monsters to kill, more jobs to grind, and more stuff to do. That might sound like a negative thing, but that’s why we love MMOs: we get to do all this stuff with our friends!


What’s new?

The plot comes down to a thousand-year battle between Dravania and Ishgard known as the Dragonsong War. We’ve been told that this is a fight between “The Wyrmking” and “Thordan and his Knights Twelve”.


The big changes are as expected: the level cap for all disciplines has been increased to 60, so you’ve got plenty of stuff to do there.

A new playable race of dragon-people known as the Au Ra–pronounced OW-Rah–(singular Auri, pronounced Ow-ree) is being introduced. Curved horns, patterned scales, and enhanced hearing are the hallmarks of this original race.

New roles

There is one new job for each of the three main roles:


The Dark Knight is a new tank, reminiscent of Final Fantasy II. They rock great swords, and use magicks to infuse these blades with the powers of darkness. Strike down your foes, decent your allies; you can start working as a Dark Knight at level 30.


The Astrologic is your new healer. Using Star Globes you will tap into the power of the stars and constellations to cast healing spells and support your enemies. In combat you’ll pick either a healing stance or a barrier stance, affecting the nature of your spells.



And the Machinist is your new ranged DPS, no word on if Christian Bale is making a guest appearance on that one. Machinists fire guns, using various attachments to change things up. They can also toss mechanical turrets onto the battlefield to even the odds.

Other cool new stuff

New primals make an appearance, as to personal airships for Free Companies. Areas in the expansion will be 50-100% larger than existing areas, will support flying mounts, and will offer more graphic flashiness than ever before.

This also marks the first time that Final Fantasy XIV will be available for Mac OS X. Considering I’m writing this on an iMac I think that’s pretty cool.

Pre-order now online for early access and unique loot

You can pre-order your copy of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward today. Don’t forget to check out the collector’s edition, there are some pretty sweet goodies that come with it.


Pre-order the expansion only version on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the original game plus expansion on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the Collector’s Edition on PlayStation 4

Pre-order the expansion only version on PC



Graham Williams
Graham Williams is a Canadian tech expert, appearing on CBC and Global BC, as well as teaching a number of courses at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia. An avid gamer, Graham can be found on Steam and PSN, as well as online as a host of MOMENTOUS.TV


  1. Hi @Graham I pre-ordered FFXIV Heavensward in-store Bestbuy near Surrey Central, BC. The cashier says I should receive the early access code but nothing yet. Can you please look it up for me? I should get it now as today is the first day for the early access. Is there a way I can send you a private message? I also sent you a tweet on twitter.


    Looking forward to your reply.


    Kind regards,


    Marvin Kaaka

  2. Hi there @Coouge 


    Sorry to hear you are having issues! The forum is not monitored by our customer service team and so we cannot provide you with codes here – Please call customer service directly for assistance. 




  3. @Juice0904 @Graham I called customer support, went to the store, contacted their Bestbuy Canada Facebook page, tweeted them and still nothing. I pre-ordered this game for this reason!

  4. i am upset. i pre-ordered that game to play it june 19th lunch day morning. i havent received the code even after calling customer service (june 19 afternoon btw). they are not sure when i will receive it yet. this totally defeats the purpose of pre-ordering specials.

    a lot of my online friends are playing it right now and i cant play with them. i regret choosing best buy to make my pre-order

  5. All codes have been sent to the email address that was provided at the time of purchase. Please check your junk mail and / or connect directly with customer service as they do have codes to provide – If necessary, escalate to a supervisor or team lead for assistance. 


    Hope this helps!


  6. Customer Service has been provided a reminder and extra codes @Coouge They are the only available option for you to get your codes so please do connect with the team directly. 

  7. The store lady told me earlier that she can cancel my order and pre-order it again to see if it works. She doesn’t seem to be sure, so I don’t want to risk it. What do you think? Should I cancel and pre-order it again?

  8. This is such a hassle. I have my receipt! Isn’t that proof enough? Do you want my credit card number? Do I have to scan it and send it to you? No one over the phone knows what you’re talking about and I couldn’t even send them this link so they can have a clue.

  9. I just recieved my access code 30mins ago. Thank you Best Buy, but I am still a bit upset that received it late and couldnt play with my friends right when it launched.

  10. @Coouge Did you purchase Final Fantasy from a store or Online? As mentioned in the title of this blog, the offer is only available for online preorders. 

  11. @BBYJuby I pre-ordered mine in BestBuy in Surrey Central and you’re wrong, the offer is for both! Why did they ask for my email to get the code for? It even says it on Square Enix website. I should’ve just went to **competitor**. 

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