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On Wednesday, October 12th, Best Buy’s flagship stores in Toronto (Bay & Dundas) and Vancouver (Granville & Robson) will host special PlayStation VR launch parties to commemorate the arrival of Sony’s highly anticipated new virtual reality platform. Come down and join us for a night of PlayStation VR demos, exciting prizes to be won, and your opportunity to be among the first in Canada to purchase your own PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation VR is one of this holiday’s most in-demand virtual reality headsets and this is your chance to get up close and personal to experience for yourself what the hype is all about. Not only will you be able to get immersed in breathtaking virtual worlds at the PlayStation VR demo stations, limited quantities of PlayStation VR will be available to buy at both locations:

  • Toronto: Bay & Dundas (insert address) – open Wednesday, October 12th at 11:59pm (EST)
  • Vancouver: Graville & Robson (insert address) – open Wednesday, October 12th at 9pm (PST)

Line up at both stores will begin at 8pm local time. Tickets will be handed out to those in line for the limited number of VR devices that will be available. For more information on the launch parties, and to join the conversation, head on over to BBYBilly’s post in our community forums.



Join our live PlayStation VR updates on social media

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be attending the Toronto launch event for PlayStation VR, and will be sharing my experiences on Best Buy Canada’s Reward Zone Gamers Club’s Twitter and Best Buy Canada’s Instagram accounts, along with my personal Twitter account, @NextGenPlayer. I also recommend keeping an eye out on Best Buy Canada’s Twitter, just in case some PlayStation VR news shows up there, too!

Much like how PlayStation VR has been designed for social gaming (more on that in a minute!), we want to make this night as fun and interactive as possible. Send us your tweets and Instagram replies, and share your own Best Buy experiences at the PlayStation VR launch events.



PlayStation VR – the future of gaming is here

Every time I try PS VR—whether that’s at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, E3 2016, or Fan Expo Canada—I get more and more impressed with Sony’s new virtual reality gadget. You won’t believe how lifelike,  immersive, and varied the game worlds are, whether that’s the futuristic sports arenas of RIG: Mechanized Combat League, the eerie haunted rollercoasters of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, or the iconic Batcave in Batman Arkham VR.

The PlayStation VR headset comes with an impressive suite of features, from its gorgeous 5.7 inch full-HD OLED display capable of displaying 1920 x 1080 resolution, to its wide 100 degree field of view that draws you into 3D worlds like no other, or its hyper fast 120hz refresh rate that makes the visuals exceptionally smooth. Best of all, PlayStation VR is the most comfortable VR headset to wear on the market today, which is vitally important to melt away the outside world as you step into PS VR’s pristine virtual spaces.

One other aspect of PlayStation VR I absolutely love is that it was built from the ground-up to be a social gaming platform. Included in every PlayStation VR kit is a small “processor box” that connects to your TV and will show people in the room with you exactly what you’re seeing on the VR device’s lens. This allows your family and friends to join and participate in VR experiences along with you—and some games will even include multiplayer where one player uses PS VR, and the other player(s) use the TV screen.

Stay tuned on the Best Buy Plug-In Blog for a full review of PlayStation VR very soon, along with continual coverage of PlayStation VR’s stellar software line-up.

For more information on the PlayStation VR products available at Best Buy, be sure to check out the PlayStation VR product section on!



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  1. Sounds kinda cool the price tag is way too much though $549. More then a console itself the price would need to drop dramatically for it to be a purchase to consider. Does look kinda cool though.

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