Announced earlier this summer by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta Quest 3 is available now at Best Buy. This new device offers improved image quality, better overall performance, Meta Reality technology and a sleeker, more pleasant design over its predecessor. Look for a 128GB model and a 512GB model. There are also accessories to enhance your virtual reality experience.

Cutting-edge next-generation technology

Meta Quest 3 brings together an advanced screen with exceptional picture quality and special optics to enhance the visual experience. This is all possible thanks to the next-generation Snapdragon chipset inside. And, this next-generation Snapdragon chipset provides over twice the graphical power of the Meta Quest 2.

The Quest 3 features cutting-edge Meta Reality technology. This allows for seamless integration of the real world and the virtual world. In the unveiling, Zuckerberg explained that this innovative feature enables users to effortlessly merge their physical surroundings with virtual elements. With high-quality colour Passthrough, advanced machine learning capabilities, and spatial understanding, the Meta Quest 3 allows you to interact with virtual content while being aware of and connected to your physical surroundings.

Streamlined and ergonomic design

The Quest 3 is a slimmer and more comfortable headset, about 40% of the size compared to Quest 2. And, the Touch Plus controllers for Quest 3 have been completely redesigned, making them more streamlined and ergonomic. More importantly, thanks to improved tracking technology, there is no longer a need for outer tracking rings. This makes the controllers slimmer and feel more natural.

Not to be outdone, Meta has integrated TruTouch haptics into the controllers, which allows for a heightened sense of action and immersion when playing. Moreover, those looking for an enhanced experience can choose to upgrade to fully self-tracked Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers.

Furthermore, the Meta Quest 3 also supports hand tracking right out of the box. This means you can explore virtual environments without the need for controllers. And, thanks to Direct Touch, you can interact with virtual objects using only your hands.

Backwards compatibility and new big name game titles

Meta’s advanced virtual and mixed reality headset is backwards compatible with the Quest 2’s extensive collection of over 500 VR games, apps, and experiences. This means there will be plenty of games to play on day one. Additionally, new virtual reality and mixed reality titles are planned for release this fall.

During the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase event, renowned game titles and popular franchises like Asgard’s Wrath 2, Assassin’s Creed Nexus, Stranger Things, Samba de Amigo, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, and Powerwash Simulator were some of the games announced, adding to the Meta 3’s already impressive lineup.

Accessories to go along with your Meta Quest 3 VR headset

Alongside the launch of Meta Quest 3, there are various accessories available.

Meta Quest 3 is available at Best Buy Canada

The Meta Quest 3 is available now at Best Buy Canada. It offers improved image quality, better overall performance, revolutionary Meta Reality technology, and a sleeker, more comfortable headset design.

Meta Quest 128GB VR Headset with Touch Plus Controllers

Meta Quest 512GB VR Headset with Touch Plus Controllers

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  1. Trying to pre order the 512 gb Quest 3 and already it is out of stock !! Hopefully they get their hands on.more pre order stock real soon !!

  2. This seems too expensive. I paid less for my original Rift when it was bleeding edge and paying more than a PS5 or XBSX is just not reasonable, especially when the previous Quest 2 was $399 at launch.

    If it’s better than a Valve Index maybe….otherwise yikes.

  3. is this going to be the only version? is there a lower gigabyte version that’s cheaper and more affordable ? Richard Michael Schulze


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