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Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo SwitchFire Emblem meets the Warriors series 

Fire Emblem Warriors is the perfect fusion of Dynasty Warriors mechanics and the world of Fire Emblem. The game introduces us to royal twins of Aytolis, Rowan and Lianna, who set out to prevent the destruction of their kingdom by the Dragon Velezark.

Let’s take a look at what all this game has to offer!

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Game Details

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Developer: Omega Force, Team Ninja
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Hack and slash
Modes: Single-player
ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)

The fall of Aytolis

During a regular day in the kingdom of Aytolis a sudden and viscous assault by monsters left the place in ruins. In the middle of it all, Princess Lianna and Prince Rowan manage to escape unharmed. Unfortunately, Queen Yelena remained trapped in the ruins and the twins are devastated at the thought of leaving her behind.

Before being separated though, the Queen give them the Fire Emblem, a shield that will prove very valuable. By powering up the shield with Gleamstones created by the power of heroes, they may have a chance of defeating the dragon.

This chaos of this situation resulted situation: portals have opened far and wide across the land. Heroes from other worlds suddenly arrive through these portals into the realm of Aytolis. It is here where you’ll meet heroes from otherworldly nations like Ylisse, Nohr, Hoshido, and Altea. These familiar characters will instantly be recognizable to Fire Emblem fans!

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Real-time combat

Similar to 2014’s Hyrule WarriorsFire Emblem Warriors features large-scale battles against hundreds of soldiers on individual maps. You’ll undertake various mission objectives from storming bases, to recruiting new allies, to defeating powerful bosses. For fans of the turn-based Fire Emblem games the real-time combat may take some time to get used.

The good news is for newcomers, Fire Emblem Warriors is a pretty lenient game. You can complete scenarios in Easy mode, then later return to take on the Normal or Hard difficulty levels. As well, all acquired items and experience are retained even when you fail. This makes the game fun for those who like to farm items and XP to increase the stats of your characters.

Fire Emblem Warriors battle

A highly strategic game

Fire Emblem Warriors offers extensive customization options when it comes to your heroes and their stats. In addition to Lianna and Rowan, you’ll take control of many iconic heroes from throughout the Fire Emblem franchise. Switching characters mid-battle is as easy pressing a button to instantly swap out.

Not only that, A.I.-controlled teammates can be pointed to specific spots you want them to focus on. At any time you can revise your orders and send out new directives, depending on how the map is unfolding. It can sometimes feel like a lot to manage as your teammates can be fighting in opposite corners of the battlefield. A good strategy is to capture bases one by one to strengthen your position and establish safe zones. There are many different strategies to win battles though, so try experimenting!

Fire Emblem Warriors war

An evolution of Fire Emblem

The animations, the interface, and all the sound effects in the game are reminiscent of the Fire Emblem series. Fans will therefore feel very at home, despite the radical change in gameplay. Even the music reminds me heavily of Fire Emblem Fates, even if the style is a little different. In many ways, Fire Emblem Warriors reminds me a lot of my journey to Nohr and Hoshido.

In the game’s History mode, you get to relive key battles from throughout the series. You still use Warriors-style fighting, giving you a fresh perspective on historical moment. Plus it’s really interesting to relive these milestones in Fire Emblem‘s timeline. These chapters run in parallel with the main story, but here too any items and XP you obtained are retained and help improve your characters.

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Fire Emblem amiibo and DLC

To coincide with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors, Nintendo has released new amiibo including Chrom and Tiki. Any previously released Fire Emblem amiibo figures can be tapped for free weapons or materials—up to five different compatible amiibo each day. That means characters like Corrin, Celica, Alm, Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina, and Roy all work. I thought it was just Fire Emblem amiibo that were compatible, but I tried tapping my Peach and Yoshi amiibo and they worked too. Both gave me helpful items to use, great!

As well, if you purchase the Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass, you’ll receive new quests, playable characters, and additional customization items. Being a fan of the series, I picked up the pass, which allowed me to outfit my heroes with some pretty cool gear. The Season Pass content is expected to drop in waves over the coming months.

Fire Emblem Warriors combat

Final Thoughts

Fire Emblem Warriors is an excellent game that stands out among both the Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem series. The story of the Queen and her twin children instantly charmed me and kept me hooked for the game’s duration. While the prince and princess are our main heroes, more than 20 characters from past adventures joins the party. Fans of Fire Emblem’s classic mode can even toggle-on perma-death so that defeated allies are lost forever. With its unique setting in the kingdom of Aytolis, the game stays inline with the Fire Emblem franchise, while being different at the same time.

+ A magnificent story that enriches the gaming experience
+ Difficulty levels that ensure accessibility for all
+ A lot of customization options
+ Highly reminiscent of the Fire Emblem series 
+ Fast-pace and intuitive gameplay 

– Occasional camera issues during combat
– Map objectives can get redundant over time


Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4.5/5
Sound: 4/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.25/5 (85%)

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