Remastered with enhanced graphics

The classic space mech-action game Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Mars returns in full 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro, and fully playable on PlayStation VR. As I already played the demo available now on PSN, I chose the PS VR experience at the Konami booth.

This edition is a remaster of the original title with enhanced graphics and re-engineered audio made for next-generation consoles and PCs. We play as Diego Egret, an ice miner on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. He works with Jehuty, a new Orbital Frame model secretly developed on a colony orbiting Jupiter. Attacked by Bahram, they barely make it alive. Diego must work with the Orbital Frame and his friends to figure out what to do next. Danger is imminent.

I entered my mech and battled through hordes of insect-like robot. If the insects seem easy to kill, the numbers make it challenging. I need to keep the pace otherwise they corner me, and I become vulnerable. Their masters are robots much more difficult to destroy. They protect themselves while preparing stronger attacks.

We can’t defend ourselves and attack at the same time, making it harder to defeat stronger opponents. Shoot energy-filled ball and grab object to throw at shielded enemies to knock them down. Dodging and moving around are essential to victory.

A good PS VR experience, but with a little motion sickness over time

On PS VR, combat sequences are in full first-person 3D perspective. Using the DualShock 4 controller, controls are similar in PlayStation VR and on regular PlayStation 4. Sitting inside the cockpit, we see our Jehuty’s hologram on the side. Moving in real time, it’s fun to watch it fly, giving us a sense of direction.

Combat in 3D PlayStation VR feels okay. I didn’t feel too much dizziness until I travelled in confined corridors from room to room. The game offers a cinematic story campaign. Dialog sequences removes the 3D effect and play on a flat screen. In between combat and exploration, it gave me time to cope with the VR motion sickness I felt at the end of the demo. It wasn’t too bad but half an hour was enough for me.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Mars will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and PC on September 4.

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