The id@xbox program help independent developers make games. Microsoft Studios support the process and gives players the best indie games collection on Xbox One. At the Xbox Showcase event, I had the pleasure to learn more about two of them. Here’s a quick look at Tunic and Generation Zero.


Tunic is a cute family action adventure game. Our hero is a tiny fox, going on a solo journey through a forest full of monsters. Explore ancient ruins, fight monsters and uncover mysterious secrets.

Tunic isn’t a full open world game but there’s a lot to discover. Don’t hesitate to follow hidden paths. It could lead to a chest giving you a nice sword or bow. Finding new weapons is how you increase your abilities against foes, and you need to be prepared for boss battles. Exploration is key, or you can easily miss one. Not everyone found the shield in the demo. Battles were then a little trickier. Your character doesn’t gain experience, you are as a player. You can jump, attack and dodge right from the start.

With beautiful animated graphics and a soft and quiet score, Tunic is a smooth atmospheric experience everyone should discover.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero presents a totally different experience. This open world first-person action game brings players to Sweden in 1989. The world is in chaos, invaded by machines. What happened? That’s what we find out by listening to old tapes, reading notes left behind by survivors. But, where are they? Are they safe?

This is interesting how Avalanche Studios thought of the combat system and gameplay mechanics. Because of chaotic events, weapons are rusted and old. Scavenging for spare parts are key to upgrade your equipment. Not only will you find items in cars and houses, but also on machines. Built from component, optical lens let them see and track you down. Break it and they’ll go blind. If you defeat machines without destroying components, collect and use them to upgrade your arsenal. This is such a great idea for a survival action game.

You can play solo or with up to 4 players in a seamless jump-in and jump-out multiplayer mode. Coming in 2019, Generation Zero is a game to look forward to on Xbox One X.

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  1. Tunic looks like a game that I would enjoy. From the trailer, it almost looks like it has that 2.5D Legend of Zelda feel. I think that is a game that I will look for more information on this game in the future.

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