Spider-ManAfter the PlayStation Showcase event on Monday night, we were invited for an after party. Three main games Sony focused on were highlighted in a good way. A Samurai walked among guests in the Ghost of Tsushima area, and a life-sized Norman Reedus character was ready for fans pictures in front of a Death Stranding poster. The only game demo available was Marvel’s Spider-Man, and I was ready to wait an hour in line to put my hands on it.

Free roaming in New York City as Spider-Man

During the 25-minutes demo, I flew through New York City buildings as Spider-Man. Learning to jump, run on walls and use the web to swing from building to building is easy but getting it right takes some skills. Once you get the hang of it, this is the way to travel into the city.

The combat mechanic is like other action-adventure games, although Spidey has unique abilities. His Spider-Sense allows dodge movements and shooting webs to enemies to tie them up is pretty cool. I used it all the time! He can also grab things to knock enemies down and his ultimate power shoots webs in a frantic way. Spider-Man heals himself with the push of a button, and this can be done in the middle of a fight. How convenient!

Beating Shocker

As an open-world game, we travel across town to find new mission objectives, collectibles and stop street fights. That’s what Spider-Man does, right? During one of those encounters, I unlocked the ultimate mission available for the demo. Having to cross the city as fast as I could, I barely had time to join Shocker, but I did! It gave me the opportunity to beat him on a boss fight.

Inside a building, the scene felt like an arena gameplay. As Spidey was dodging Shocker’s strong attacks, I needed to wait until he was low on energy to throw things at him before an ultimate melee attack. In doing so, I finally beat him, which was so satisfying. This ended my play session in a fantastic way.

From what I played tonight, I’m impressed with the game mechanic, beautiful graphics on PlayStation 4, and the boss fight was simple but fun. We don’t know much about the story yet, but from what we saw during the PlayStation Showcase event, I think fans will be thrilled. Spider-Man will encounter many villains, and that’s what we’re waiting for in a superhero video game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming out on September 7 on PlayStation 4.

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  1. The trailers that I have seen for Spiderman look amazing! I really want to see more of how this game works!

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