Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Nintendo and Ubisoft’s partnership deepens

Over the years, Ubisoft has been one of the strongest third-party publishers on Nintendo platforms. This year at E3 we learned that their partnership has led to the creation of a brand new strategy adventure game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited as I love both these franchises and it seems like an amazing fit.

Hands on with Mario + Rabbids

During my Ubisoft visit at E3, the first game I requested to play was Mario + Rabbids. I just had to check this game out! The roughly 15 minute demo gave me a good taste of what this game will offer.

If you’ve played Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., XCOM, or Valkyria Chronicles, the gameplay here is very similar. It’s a turn-based strategy game where you need to use cover to strategically attack enemies, while also defending yourself. There are fun elements that spice up the gameplay, such as the ability to dash at opponents with a sliding kick, then retreat behind cover for a second shot from your gun. You can also bounce off friendly units to double your movement and blaze a trail through the battlefields.

Mario + RabbidsMushroom Kingdoms meets the Rabbids

Of course, being a Mario game and all expect to see many familiar faces including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and more. In the demo, I also controlled Rabbids dressed in Luigi and Peach outfits. The world appears set in the Mushroom Kingdom, or at least some place containing Piranha Plants, pipes, and bricks. In addition to battles, you’ll also be able to explore this colourful and bright game world.


We won’t have to wait long to get our hands on the final game, it’s releasing August 29th, 2017! Check back on the blog for more coverage of the game as we approach its launch date!

Stay tuned for non-stop E3 news!


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  1. It really looks like Ubisoft has done a good job of getting the Mario graphic style to this game! It should be a lot of fun for those who pick it up!

    • Yeah it feels like a real Mario game, so Ubisoft really nailed the presentation and gameplay!

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