Call of Duty: WWII was one of the greatest games to release last fall. It brought the series back to its iconic WWII root, and delivered a stellar mix of single-player, co-operative, and competitive modes. Building on the momentum of DLC 1 – The Resistance comes the game’s second DLC pack, The War Machine. This meaty expansion includes three new Multiplayer maps, a new War Mode mission, and the latest chapter of Nazi Zombies. All of this content is available through purchase of the Call of Duty WWII Season Pass (PS4) – Digital Download. Here’s a look at what’s included in The War Machine DLC, available now on PS4, and later for other platforms.

Multiplayer maps taking us to three new regions

The three new Multiplayer maps are here to illustrate just how far-reaching the Nazi War Machine was during the war. As such, we’ll be travelling to three different countries affected by this global conflict. They are:


Like in the movie Dunkirk, this map takes place in the iconic French region during the Nazi assault in spring 1940. It’s a large seaside map featuring an open and deadly beach lined by buildings with tight interiors. The map caters to long-range snipers, while also those who prefer close-quarters running and gunning.


For the first time ever, Call of Duty is heading to Egypt, a country also invaded by Nazi forces. Channeling some Assassin’s Creed: Origins mojo, this sandy map features the famous pyramids of Giza and the magnificent Sphynx as a backdrop. Not only can you battle in and around the ancient pyramids, but also inside a temple containing tight corridors and wall calligraphy.


V2 is a rocket development and test site situated in a rural Germany setting. This small map encourages explosive action and features a central launch tower to gain line of sight advantage.

Operation Husky: a new War Mode mission

For War Mode fans you’ve got the new Operation Husky that takes place in Sicily, Italy. This Allied campaign took place in July 1943 and resulted in a major blow to the Nazi war machine. First you’ll need to gather and transmit intel on enemy port locations, then for the first time in Call of Duty game you’ll take to the skies in a fighter plane. Not only will you engage in thrilling dogfights, but you’ll also need to safely protect the bomber squadrons on their run.

The Shadowed Throne: a new Nazi Zombies chapter

For co-operative fans, The War Machine DLC includes the next chapter in Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies. Called The Shadowed Throne, this mission brings you into the heart of Nazi Germany to confront the desperate regime. With Berlin in ruins, Doktor Straub sends him grotesque zombie army to stop the Allied invaders. You’ll play as Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson as you attempt to purge this city of Nazi Zombies threat.

With three new multiplayer maps, a new War Mode mission, and the next chapter in Nazi Zombies, The War Machine DLC is a must-have for fans. If you’ve been enjoying the main game and first DLC pack, this next batch of content will add fresh challenges to complete with your friends.

Are you playing and enjoying Call of Duty: WWII? Let us know in the comments below what your favourite modes are, and why!

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