rsz_samsung_j5500_wide_nice_new_.jpgPicking a TV is hard work if you do it right. For starters, you’ll want to educate yourself first on the technology that’s out there, then on the best quality and most reliable brands. Finally, you’ll want to narrow your choices to a short list and then research your top three or five picks to see which choice is exactly right for you and your home.

One way to do that final stage of research is to get feedback and opinion from other TV owners who will have experience with the exact TV you’re considering. Reviews are a great way to get an accurate picture of how well the electronics device you’re interested in buying will perform and whether you’ll be happy with it too.

I’ve saved you a few steps and picked out some of the best rated TVs by Best Buy customers, along with why they like their choice. I tried to choose TVs with the largest number of ratings available for a fuller picture, and I also focussed on only TVs that get four or five stars on average. It’s worth nothing I’ve only highlighted the reasons people gave these TVs such high ratings. You can click on the link to any of the TVs and read customers’ full reviews, which will include other considerations they may have noted.

Finally I’m not going to get in very deep to the features and specs of each TV, aside from classifying each TV generally. For the purposes of this article, I’m just looking at popularity. Full specs are also available by clicking the link to each TV.

Tops in 4K

VIZIO 55″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED Smart TV
4/5 stars

rsz_vizio.jpgThis brand hasn’t been in Canada for much more than a year or so, but already people love it. VIZIO makes smart TVs with gorgeous picture quality. I know because I had the chance to review one recently. I found the picture quality to be outstanding, and really enjoyed the experience. Having smart streaming capabilities as part of the package made it even easier to love.

Best Buy customers love it too, giving it an average of four out of five stars. J Bourassa from Ottawa pointed out the clever design of the remote, which I loved too, as well as the amazing video quality; “remote is well laid out with keyboard on the back. Wi-Fi is simple to use and Netflix and YouTube are easy right out of the box. I was really impressed with the picture quality. I buy a TV based purely on looks and not who (manufacturer) it is and for the price point. In this size there is NOTHING that comes close to the contrast, colour depths overall quality of this TV.”

From Robert in Toronto, “I’m totally blown away with the picture on this TV!! It’s the best value on the market.” Thornhill Ontario’s Greg K concurs, “I was hesitant at first about going with the VIZIO given my lack of familiarity with the brand but all my research indicated that they were a dominant player in the States and the TV picture quality was right there with the big brands. So I took the chance and have been thrilled with the result.”

Samsung 55″ 4K Ultra HD 3D LED Tizen Smart OS TV
4/5 stars

Joe couldn’t wait to share his opinion on this Samsung 55″ 4K Ultra HD 3D LED Tizen Smart OS TV: “This piece of artwork is quite amazing, watching TV and movies and playing my xbox one on it is incredibly amazing. Everyone should have one.”
This Samsung 4K TV is another option where streaming services are baked right into the set, which is proving more popular than ever with customers. (Want more info about what 4K TV is all about? I wrote about the basics on the blog. Read it here.)

Scarborough’s Bobby wrote, “BEST TELEVISION EVER. The colours on the television are amazing. I am really satisfied with my purchase and love how real the pictures look,” while Nick from London Ontario enthused, “we love it. The colours, picture quality and depth are truly stunning. The apps built in are great also has built in Wi-Fi. We are very happy with our purchase.”

I also recently had a chance to review a Samsung smart TV and really enjoyed my experience too. Read my full review here.

Tops in 1080p

Sony 40″ 1080p HD 60Hz LED Smart TV
5/5 stars

rsz_sony_4k_tv.jpgWhile this  Sony 40″ 1080p HD 60Hz LED Smart TV only has three reviews, each of them gives this set five stars, so there must be something worth looking at. The TV has streaming capabilities built right in so there’s no need to purchase an external streaming device, if Netflix is your primary internet TV choice.

E Skids calls is a “great product,” writing on the Best Buy site, “I could have purchased a less expensive model, but opted for this one. Of all the TVs in the house, this one has the best picture and is the preferred one. It works perfectly and is connected to an outdoor antenna. You will love it!”

Michael wrote about its smart capabilities in his five star review, “beautiful picture, going from really black to very vibrant colours. Very convenient being able to connect to Netflix directly from the TV remote.”

Samsung 58″ 1080p LED Smart TV
4/5 stars

Plenty of people want to share their experience with this Samsung TV.  87% of customers gave it a positive review (with it averaging four out of five stars) like Phil, “love Samsung TV, upgraded my 46″ to this and delighted, easy setup and plug it in and you’re up and running, great value.”

Tim from Toronto gave it four out of five stars online, writing a list of his favourite features: “1) Amazing picture without calibration 2) SMART features like YouTube and Netflix and work well 3) screen mirroring from smart phone 4) USB that plays all movie formats. 5) TV is only 60HZ, but I didn’t really notice an issue with ghosting or playing video games.”

Samsung 55″ 1080p Curved LED Tizen Smart OS TV
4.3/5 starsrsz_samsung_curved_tv2.jpg

The curved TV category is another growing segment of the consumer electronics market. Curved TVs improve viewing experience, as they mimic the curve of the human eye, giving you a more immersive video picture. Steven from Toronto calls this the “most amazing TV!” and writes, “Samsung’s 2015 flagship TV leverages new brightness and colour technologies to take LCD picture quality to a whole new level — especially once true HDR content starts to roll into town. The difference its HDR technology makes to picture quality is immense.”

“Really nice TV with great HD picture,” raves Dimitri in his online review. “Very easy to use, quite self explanatory even for people like me who are not very technologically savvy. Picture is very clear and sharp from any angle. We are very pleased with it.”

Millionaire’s club/fantasy pick
Samsung 88″ 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved LED Tizen Smart OS TV

There are 21 reviews written for the huge Samsung 88″ 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved LED Tizen Smart OS TV.  With its massive theatre-level screen size, the price is high, but for those going for a true movie theatre experience at home, this TV is the only way to go. While I suspect some of the reviews aren’t totally legit and may be written tongue in cheek (click the link to enjoy some of them), people do seem to like it.

Of the more realistic reviews, Tristan enthused, “Excellent picture. Price is a little high, but meh, you only live once!”

Mike from Toronto calls is a “Great TV,” and explains, “watching sports feels like you’re there. Any show feels like you’re there. If you don’t have one you are missing out. Samsung has more than outdone themselves.The crystal clear image, user friendly remote makes everything that much easier. Thank you Samsung.”

Econo pick

Insignia 32″ 1080p 60Hz LED Smart Roku TV
4.5/5 stars
rsz_insignia-roku-tv-ces.jpgAt the other end of the scale from that 88″ Samsung is a little TV that customers rave is one of the best deals out there. They’re talking about the Insignia 32″ 1080p 60Hz LED Smart Roku TV, which gets four and a half out of five stars with nearly 20 reviews. Many people enjoy the Roku streaming capabilities, like Heidi from Port Moody, BC: “Bought it for Roku Interface and performed flawlessly … great value.”

Steve from Manitoba thinks, “this is simply a great television! The Roku technology built in is clever and well thought out from it’s ‘auto-off’ that will ask if you’re still watching to preserve your internet bandwidth and it’s use of smart menus that are easily navigable from anywhere. The 1080p picture quality is superb. There is even an app for your Android or iPhone that you can download to control the set, except for power on. I would highly recommend this as the best bang for your buck.”

In his five star review, Rob wrote, “TV works flawlessly, the smart features and options are better on this tv than any other name brand I have purchased. I love that Roku is built in for the bedroom because it only uses one cord. This TV also has mirror capabilities built in which works amazing.”

The people have spoken! If you’ve got a TV you love that people should know about, don’t forget to post your own review on Best Buy’s website, or add it to the comments section below.




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  1. I went with a Vizio last year and have been superbly impressed thus far. It’s a 1080p model that Best Buy no longer offers, but it sits somewhere in their mid-range line. It’s mounted on the wall and paired with a Vizio soundbar and the two complement each other quite well. Definitely recommend Vizio as a brand.



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