We’re only just getting familiar with Samsung’s gorgeous art-inspired Frame TV. Now Samsung has announced its next game-changing set, The Wall.

Meet The Wall

At CES 2018, Samsung debuted the TV, dubbed the world’s first consumer 146-inch modular TV featuring “self-emitting MicroLED technology”. The TV can transform to any size you want, making it perfect for a small space now and a bigger area later.

At the First Look event at CES Las Vegas, Samsung wowed crowds and media from across the globe with the massive set. The company says this TV, more than any other, shows “how television is evolving to offer consumers an outstanding viewing experience, while acting as a centralized connected smart hub to enhance everyday life.”

Samsung The Wall can transform to any size

It can transform into any size, and delivers incredible brightness, colour gamut, colour volume and black levels. The Wall owners can add or subtract modules to make their TV as big or as small as they want it up to 146” on the diagonal.

Samsung’s The Wall is a self-emitting TV with ultra tiny LEDs—even smaller than current LEDs—and they serve as their own source of light. That means a TV without the need for colour filters or backlight, which also translates to a TV that’s hyper thin.

More Samsung news: 8K is coming

You’ll also start to see some other new technology emerging beginning in 2018: 8K. While many consumers are by now familiar with 4K resolution which is much more detailed and sharper than traditional HD, 8K is on tap to be even better.

For now Samsung TVs will be upscaling to 8K quality; essentially using the TV’s brains to make detailed calculations and sharpen the video picture further even though the native video may only exist in 4K, though a Samsung news release says the TV can, “easily transform any type of content from any source into a high-resolution 8K”. The 8K AI technology will be launched internationally, starting with Korea and the US during the second half of 2018.

Samsung expects The Wall to be available to purchase later this year, but exactly which countries will get it first, and how much it’ll cost wasn’t announced.

So Samsung continues to innovate. If you are interested in learning more about their latest and greatest TV, read my review, and watch the video at the beginning of that article to see how truly impressive this technology is.

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