LG3.jpgIf you’re thinking about upgrading your television, it makes sense to upgrade to something that will give you a better picture and viewing experience than your previous unit and the LG 55’ 3D Curved OLED Smart TV (55EC9300) is guaranteed to do just that!


Overall, this television has a sleek, minimalist design and the paper thin screen means that it will fit seamlessly into any living room design without being too bulky. In addition, this television has the unique quality of having a curved screen, which sets it apart from many televisions on the market.

There are many advantages to a curved screen. Because the screen kind of wraps around the viewer, it results in a more immersive experience as it gives the images more depth. It also provides a uniform viewing distance because your eyes are able to comfortably follow the image from side to side on the curved screen without any strain. With a 55’ screen size, it is one of the bigger television size options on the market, which means you also get a larger, wider field of view.


This television is equipped with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. They are located along the outer edge of the unit, which makes it easier to plug devices in, especially when space it limited between the television and the wall. This television also comes with the easy-to-use LG Magic Remote that helps to streamline your channel and menu surfing experience by letting you choose programs by pointing and selecting features using the mouse.

Picture quality and screen features

LG6.jpgIn addition to having a curved screen, this LG television is also equipped with OLED screen technology. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, which describes the material used to make the screen. This carbon based substance consists of a series of filters and a final colour refiner that filters the light into a crisp, clear high-definition image. Also, because OLED screens do not need to be backlit, you get deeper levels of black, better colour reproduction and higher contrast ratios than you do with LCD or LED screens. You also get added contrast because the LG Pixel Dimming technology has every panel controlling its own lighting. This television also has 4 Colour Pixel Technology which results in more natural, realistic colours because the screen is able to recreate a wider range of shades. Lastly, its high refresh rate means that the picture is able to keep up with high-action scenes without any blurring. In terms of sound, this television has Virtual Sound 2-Channel 40-watt speakers for amazing, clear sound.

The LG 55’ 1080p 3D Curved OLED Smart TV (55EC9300) also allows the viewer to watch movies and shows in 3D. You have the option to watch 3D movies with the LG Cinema 3D Glasses (not included) or you can also convert 2D shows and movies to 3D with the 2D-3D conversion feature. The Cinema 3D Glasses also lets you use Dual Play, which is a LG specific gaming feature that lets each player in a two-player game play with a full screen.

Wireless Connectivity


As with many televisions on the market, this television is equipped with wireless connectivity. This wireless connectivity allows viewers to browse and stream video apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, through the Smart with WebOs interface. Viewers can also stream videos and apps from their personal devices with Smart Share. Your device can be easily connected with either MHL or Near Field Communication Connectivity, or NFC Connectivity, which is the same technology that allows you “tap” and pay with your debit or credit.

This sleek, paper-thin television is stylish and a great option for any television lover looking to upgrade their unit. The large, curved OLD screen guarantees an immersive and high-quality viewing experience with deep blacks, great colour reproduction and crisp contrast. Lastly, the wireless connectivity gives viewers the option to stream content from the Smart TV menu or their personal device and the easy-to-use Magic Remote makes it easy to navigate channels and Smart TV menus.

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