rsz_lg_web_os_tv.jpgSmart TVs are the future of home entertainment.  We expect our devices to do more for us (our phones are also cameras, web browsers, and alarm clocks) and now we’re coming to demand the same from our TVs.

LG has stepped up to the plate with its LG LF6300 Smart TVs, which come in sizes ranging from 43″ – 65″ and are available exclusively at Best Buy.

What Makes this Smart TV Different?
The LG LF6300 line is tricked out with what LG calls their ‘webOS 2.0 interface’. LG says it will allow you to “enjoy your favourite entertainment in a smoother, more seamless and intuitive way.” So what does that mean? The webOS 2.0 allows you to navigate the TV itself, plus gaming platforms, your cable’s on-demand menus, as well as services like Netflix, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a web browser, and easily swap between them using LG’s launcher bar, where all your choices are within reach.

LG has taken note that a major complaint of Smart TV users has been that it’s too difficult to navigate the services. So they’ve gone a long way to make things easy. If the children using the TV with big grins in their promotional videos are any indication, the LG LF6300 line should be child’s play to interact with.

Behold the Bean Bird!

LG Bean Bird.jpg
As if to bolster that point, LG is also touting the new friend you’ll be making with their webOS 2.0 TVs: a tiny animated character called Bean Bird. As LG explains, “If you’ve ever had trouble setting something up, you’ll understand how useful it is to have someone guide you through the steps. LG’s webOS 2.0 brings you Bean Bird, a fun-loving animated character that takes you through every step of the Smart TV setup process.”

The bird is basically the conduit to help you navigate through the set up of add-on audio/video components, the web browser, or changing your settings. LG is hoping you’ll be smitten with their little helper, and they’ve even given him his own Twitter profile (@LGBeanBird) to interact with customers.

A feature I like the looks of is LG’s Live Menu. It allows you to surf channels and services, or skim through other programs while still watching the show you have on. While this type of menu is nothing new overall, it’s still a good feature that too many manufacturers don’t include. It’s good to see it here.

Talk to Your TV with the Magic Remote
One of the features that is quite new and futuristic is LG’s Voice Mate technology. It’s built into the Magic Remote that comes with the TV, and has what LG dubs “natural speech recognition,” which will hear your request and execute your command without typing a thing. You can use voice commands to change channels, search for movies, browse the web, input text, and more. You can also use it like you would a computer mouse, and point and click, or scroll through pages and apps with the scroll wheel.
LG’s Magic Remote will also pair with and control your other components like a home theatre system, sound bar, Blu-ray player, or other compatible devices.

lg web os remote.jpg

Sizes for Every Room
The webOS 2.0 platform comes on all LG’s LF6300 Smart TVs. If you want to go big, there’s the LG 65″ 4K Smart TV and at the smaller end of the scale there’s the 43″ LG 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV. The whole line has a near-frameless bezel, LED edge-lit display with Full HD 1080p resolution, and 120Hz TruMotion refresh rate for clean, smooth imagery that virtually eliminates blur during fast-paced action.

If you’re looking to upgrade your TV, getting a Smart set is they way to go, and with LG’s new LF6300, it should be easier than ever.



Erin Lawrence
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