The main event hasn’t even started yet and already new TV technologies are emerging at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Today, LG announced its next foray into TV technology, telling us it will be producing new “Super Ultra HD,” or “SUHD” TVs.

What’s SUHD?

Super Ultra HD TV is basically the next step in gorgeous video technology. You’ve heard of 4K TV, also known as “Ultra High Definition/UHD” TV.  Adding the “super” denotes this new line of TVs as having a new and added set of features. LG says in a media release those features include, “LG’s most advanced LCD/LED picture quality ever, with expanded color capabilities, advanced picture and sound-enhancing features including high dynamic range (HDR) and LG’s alluring Flat ULTRA Slim design.” Samsung was the first to pioneer SUHD technology, but expect to see more manufacturers join the conga line.

What else can LG’s SUHD Do?

LG says its new line will have advanced IPS (in plane switching; read more here) technology with a more enhanced contrast ratio that it’s dubbed “True Black Panel” and “Contrast Maximizer.” LG’s True Black Panel is a proprietary technology that minimizes reflections and ups that contrast ratio for what it says will be a more comfortable viewing experience. Contrast Maximizer promises to provide more depth and contrast by separating objects more readily and visually from their backgrounds. The company bets this will provide better picture quality for wide viewing angles.
What’s in a Name?

For some reason, LG’s SUPER UHD series will also be known as “HDR Plus” to indicate that these sets include technologies that enable them to show 4K HDR content with “a greater sense of reality”. The HDR Plus sets promise to boost peak brightness, enhance black levels, and provide a better experience than regular HDR TVs. As a bonus, the TVs will also be able to handle SDR content, and up-convert it to near-HDR levels.

They’re Big

LG’s new SUHD TVs will be made in several size ranges, from average to gigantic; 49-inches all the way up to 86-inches, and will begin shipping in the US in the spring.  Canadian shipping dates are not yet clear.

And they’re Thin. WOW are they thin!

As TVs get better in general, they’re also getting thinner, more flexible and of course some are adding curves. The new LG range is significantly thinner than its predecessor; the SUHD screens measure up at a scant 6.6mm thick.  Add in the nearly invisible bezel (aka the frame) and these TVs really look like floating windows.

LG’s Fixing the Sound Problem on Thin TVs

A big complaint on ultra thin TVs has been their lack of quality sound. It’s hard to get good sound from such a small speaker set in such a thin frame; for proof look no further than your smartphone.
LG has been working on this conundrum, and has partnered with audio giant harman/kardon to develop a speaker system that aims to deliver higher quality audio despite the thin profile. It can also optimize sound to the specific room where the TV is.

WebOS too!

These sets also come with smart capabilities. LG’s webOS platform allows you surf, stream or game, all without the need for an external device.

Watch for these LG TVs later this year.  In the meantime, check out LG’s other offerings including 4K TV.

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