Sony BRAVIA carbon footprintIf you’ve ever watched a movie or your favourite TV show on a Sony BRAVIA TV, you know how vivid and real-to-life the picture quality is. What you may not know is how the TV has features designed to reduce your carbon footprint. With the new BRAVIA lineup, the Sony company is moving toward a new standard of eco-friendly entertainment.

BRAVIA’s Eco Dashboard helps you monitor your energy consumption


Eco dashboard Sony BRAVIA

With BRAVIA, Sony is actively decreasing your TV’s energy consumption. They’d like their users to contribute to reducing their environmental impact too, and you can do so on your Sony BRAVIA TV by using BRAVIA’s Eco Dashboard. It’s a user-friendly feature that puts all of the TV’s energy-saving settings in one spot. You can customize your preferences based on how you watch TV, where your TV is located, and the type of content you’re watching. You’ll even see a visual representation of your contribution to reducing your carbon footprint so you feel motivated to keep making sustainable changes.

BRAVIA CAM23 detects viewer movement

BRAVIA CAM sustainability

We’ve all let our TVs run during the day or night when we aren’t watching them. If you often forget to turn your TV off, you’ll love the BRAVIA CAM23. It’s a motion-sensing camera incorporated with BRAVIA TVs and it detects viewer movement. If no one is around, it will automatically dim the screen. This feature can reduce energy consumption by up to 32%.

BRAVIA TVs are designed with recycled materials


The BRAVIA line of TVs is designed with SORPLAS™, Sony’s proprietary recycled plastic. SORPLAS is made from used water bottles and waste optical discs and is one of the main ways BRAVIA has become more sustainable. The plastic is flame retardant and can maintain its integrity after multiple recycling cycles.

While the finish of a Sony OLED TV looks just like other Sony TVs, the rear cover is made with SORPLAS. This change reduces the overall virgin plastic use by 60%.

Reducing packaging waste


TVs need to be packaged securely so they won’t be damaged during shipping, but Sony has taken the initiative and re-engineered the packaging of BRAVIA TVs to protect the product while still reducing waste. They cut the package size by approximately 15% and total weight by approximately 12%, and they are now using strong paper bands as opposed to plastic bands to hold the package in place. There is still printing on the package, but they have also reduced print ink usage by approximately 91%.

Sony BRAVIA is defining eco-friendly entertainment

Features like the Eco Dashboard, BRAVIA CAM23, and the use of SORPLAS in the rear panel of Sony OLED TVs show how you don’t need to sacrifice quality to reduce your carbon footprint. You can enjoy the brilliant picture quality of your Sony TV knowing you’ve made the best choice for the environment. You can find Sony and the line of Sony BRAVIA TVs at Best Buy right now.

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