Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) were in Toronto promoting the release of Game of Thrones Season 3, which is now available on Blu-ray and DVD (you can find the review here). Fortunately for us, they took time out of their busy schedules to have a quick chat with us. I can not tell you enough how awesome they were and how much fun it was talking to them. You can find the full interview written below and a shortened version in video format. Enjoy!

Chris: We decided to use our Facebook and Twitter accounts to ask our fans what they wanted to ask you guys and as you guys know, there’s a lot of Game of Thrones fans, passionateo nes, so are you guys ready for these questions?

Isaac: Oh yeah, I love these ones.

Chris: Alright, let’s start off with a bang – Dan Culic asks, what was your personal reaction to the red wedding episode?

Isaac: We all knew it was coming. Even David and Dan knew that they made it once they reached to that point. 

Kristain: I held off from watching it for quite a while. I couldn’t watch it. It was too devastating. 

Chris: How long did you wait?

Kristain: A good few weeks.

Isaac: We saw it again last night at the event and I completely forgotten how bloody it was. It was horrendous!

Chris: Next up, Joshua Crabbe wants to know, “How do both of you feel about playing characters that have limitations on their own, but together have a strong bond?”

Kristain: It’s definitely interesting. I think they are better together, the things we can accomplish.

Isaac: Both of the characters have huge limitations. It’s quite nice to play characters who aren’t the most glamorous or exciting, but actually have the most relevance to real life.

Chris: Jordi Hyndman asks, “Game of Thrones is such a cool project because of the sheer enormity of it, which leads to having a stellar ensemble cast. Because of the multi-locations and plotlines, you guys don’t get to shoot together often. Are there any characters you wish Bran and Hodor could meet up with so you could work with one of the actors in the other locations?”

Isaac: I wouldn’t mind a Stark reunion. It would be nice to see them again on set. 

Kristain: Never going to happen.

Isaac: Yup!

Kristain: I wouldn’t mind heading to King’s Landing. It’s not so much of the characters, I just wouldn’t mind a bit of sun for a change, instead of the ice and snow. 

Chris: Kenneth Perez is wondering, “Have you read all of the books and if so, how do you feel about knowing what is going to happen next? Does that alter your experience and the way you act?” 

Kristain: I know some people did read the books and some didn’t. They didn’t want to foreshadow. They didn’t want to know too much about the book. Isaac and I haven’t read the book though. Although we are vaguely aware. 

Isaac: We’ve Wikipedia-ed it. 

Chris: Tegan Davidson has two questions, “Who are your favourite characters in the show and do you have a favourite actor or actors on the show?

Isaac: I like Joffrey and Jack Gleeson, who plays Joffrey. I’ll start off with Joffrey. I find him a very intriguing character in the sense that he represents this corruption of power and is vaguely innocent or he wants innocence and it completely engulfs him. Jack Gleeson is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle, calm academic you could ever meet. He must be one of the most incredible actors to be able to completely change himself to a vile representation of hatred.

Kristain: I like the character Varys. I don’t think someone will ever get one over on Varis. He is always able to twist things to his advantage. 

Chris: Alex Juneau wants to know, “What’s the crew like after shooting a very dramatic scene?”

Isaac: We always have a laugh with it. We will be doing some death scene, or an explosion and there’s fire everywhere. The art direction guy Pete, who is really lovely, we were talking about physics for a whole day and he was teaching me Japanese while we were doing a scene. 

Kristain: People aren’t just moping around. The atmosphere is kept quite light on set. 

Isaac: It’s light without being sort of joking and unprofessional. We have a nice time, but it’s not like we are constantly having a laugh or ruining every scene with bloopers. 

Kristain: Yeah, we don’t do those.

Isaac: Yeah, we’re not allowed those.

Chris: Mike Yahn wants to know, “When Game of Thrones eventually wraps up, is there another TV show you would like to be on?” 

Isaac: Sherlock. I want to be Sherlock. 

Kristain: That’s a good question. I haven’t thought about that one. 

Isaac: Teletubbies?

Kristain: No. There’s been talks about a Star Wars show, a TV program. 

Chris: Elliot Byrne wants to know, “What’s your favourite TV show?”

Isaac: Sherlock. I like Modern Family and the IT Crowd. Have you seen it?

Kristain: Oh yeah.

Issac: It’s so good. I’ve seen every single episode in two days.

Kristain: Did you? Well, there’s not that many episodes, right?

Isaac: I know, but it’s so funny.

Kristain: I tend to go back and watch TV programs from the past. I like to have the box sets.

Isaac: Oh, Trigger Happy?

Kristain: Yeah, that’s awesome. 


ChrisHow did each of you get into acting and how did you land the role on Game of Thrones?


Kristain: My background is in music and live performance. I had an agent through that and he got me an audition for Hot Fuzz  who has the same casting director and then five years later, I got an audition for Hodor and I got the part. 


Isaac: I used to go to a football club on Saturdays, but I found that too cold, so I looking for something else to occupy myself with. I found a drama group through my mom’s friend and the there was an open casting call for Bran. This was my first acting role that I landed. I went through 6 auditions and Game of Thrones was my sixth audition, so I’m lucky I didn’t get a role before that. It was the greatest first role I could ever imagine.


Chris: We are going into a speed round.


Issac: Nice.


Chris: Xbox or PlayStation? 


Isaac: Playstation. 


Kristain: Xbox.


Chris: Favourite video game?


Isaac: Minecraft


Kristain: Warcraft


Chris: Favourite sports team?


Both: None.


Chris: Favourite social media channel?


Both: Twitter.


Chris: Favourite Olympic sport?


Kristain: None.


Isaac: Wheelchair basketball.


Chris: Android or iPhone?

Both: iPhone.

Chris: Favourite gaming app for a smartphone or tablet?

Isaac: Tube Runner.

Kristain: I won’t say Flappy Bird.

Isaac: Yeah, don’t say Flappy Bird.

Kristain: We’ve been playing non stop, but I’ll go with Flappy Bird.

Chris: Laptop or tablet?

Both: Laptop.

Chris: Alright, that’s all the questions guys. That wraps it up. Again, thank you. I really appreciate you guys taking the time out of your day and on behalf of everyone else, I think it’s fair to say that we cannot wait for season 4.

Both: Yeah, it’s a good one.






























Season 3 of Game of Thrones is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Also, don’t forget to set a reminder for season 4, which is set to premiere on April 6th on HBO.


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