In case you haven’t heard about CinemaNow yet, think of it as another way to rent and buy your favourite movies and television shows. Sure, you have Netflix where you can stream those movies and TV shows, but it’s not as recent as you would like and you’re paying a monthly fee. Now, on your Apple TV, you can rent and buy movies and television shows just like CinemaNow, but CinemaNow doesn’t restrict you to to certain devices, as you can watch on your PC, Mac, Smart TV, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. That covers about everything, right?

This month on CinemaNow, more specifically, May 20th, you will be able to get a head start on everyone else on the following titles:

Lone Survivor – June 3rd DVD/Blu-ray release

Robocop – June 3rd DVD/Blu-ray release

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – June 10th DVD/Blu-ray release

The Lego Movie – June 17th DVD/Blu-ray release

If there’s definitely one movie you want to get a hold of before anyone else, it’s going to be The Lego Movie, where you can find a review here. With that being said, it doesn’t mean the other movies don’t deserve some love either. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, click for review, along with Robocop and Lone Survivor, are all great movies and movies that are certainly worth getting your hands on early.

Oh, one more thing. This isn’t a one-time thing to get you all excited for one month. This happens every month on CinemaNow and we have some exciting news for you on the June releases, so stay tuned.  

What are you waiting for? Oh right, May 20th. Until then, get yourself registered at and make sure to check if your devices are compatible at If you’ve been there and done that, check out the new releases here and get ready to throw a movie party next week to impress your family and friends.

Chris Vales
I'm an Assistant Merchandise Manager at Best Buy’s head office, but if there’s one thing that I love to talk and write about, it’s movies and television. You can find more articles on my website .