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June is graduation month for high schoolers, college and university-aged young adults, and even kids graduating from grade school to that next big step: high school. Such a milestone in a child or young adult’s life warrants a celebration. Of course, for many of us, finding that perfect gift is part of the celebration. Each person’s needs and wants are different so here is a list of some of the best gifts that you can easily find and order from Best Buy. Let us know in the comments below which one you think is perfect for the grad in your life.

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Headphones for personal listening

Headphones are a great gift for just about anyone, especially since there are so many styles and types from which to choose. I have an over-ear noise canceling pair that I use for travel, in-ear true wireless buds for video calls, and sports earbuds when I go for a walk or run. Make your choice based on the graduate’s habits or hobbies. If they’re really into music, for example, opt for a premium hifi pair that will ensure the absolute best sound reproduction. For active and outdoorsy graduates, a pair of wireless and water-resistant sports earbuds, maybe even with sports-specific tracking and features, are perfect. Those who travel often, whether it’s lengthy daily commutes to/from school or perhaps a new job, a comfortable noise-canceling pair will be a lifesaver.

Skullcandy Dime truly wireless earbuds

There are so many brands from which to choose when looking at headphones as a graduation gift. When it comes a youth-friendly brand, you can’t go wrong with Skullcandy. The brand offers a wide range of options to suit the modern style needs of young adults and kids. The Skullcandy Dime in-ear sound isolating truly wireless headphones are one of the newest options. They scream “cool” with funky colour options like grey/blue. And they offer premium features like water and sweat resistance, 12-hour battery life (with charging case), mics in each bud, and Stay-Aware mode so you can be aware of surroundings when needed, like running or hiking outdoors. Have a look at this useful article that highlights the key features and functions of different Skullcandy headphones to help you choose the right one.

Small appliances for older grads

For college or university graduates moving into their own apartment for the first time, or high school graduates preparing for dorm living, some small appliances can come in handy. The graduate might be cooking for themselves for the first time. Or maybe they will make-do with a few basic small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker. This will save them money (and time) on quick on-the-go breakfasts before an early morning class or late-night java to help them stay up studying before a big exam.

cuisinart microwave air fryer oven

Cuisinart is one of those-go-to brands with a variety of small appliances that would make perfect graduation gifts. There are classic toasters, programmable coffee makers (perfect if several kids will be rooming together), and electric kettles if they prefer hot cocoa or tea instead. A non-stick portable griddle is a cool option for a recent grad. They can use it to make home-cooked burgers or hot dogs, vegetables, or even grilled sandwiches. But a really cool and versatile option is the new Cuisinart 3-in-1 convection microwave with air fryer. This single appliance functions as both a microwave and an air fryer. It can even do combination cooking to reheat a frozen casserole from mom and have it automatically air fry as well to ensure a nice crispy top. They’ll love using it for reheating leftovers and those frozen foods busy students rely on, like pizzas, chicken nuggets, and French fries.

A new smartphone to keep in touch

Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone

A reliable smartphone is necessary for any young adult, but especially those who will be furthering their education far away from home or living on campus or in student housing. A smartphone is essential for keeping in touch with family back home but also crucial for keeping track of schedules and even taking or recording lectures notes.

Thinking of the latter, the Samsung Galaxy line and its S-Pen are perfect for jotting notes down that can be saved to the cloud. And Samsung will be extending support for its S-Pen to smartphones, starting with the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. That’s a “going all out” grad gift for someone very special, as is the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, which has a generous 6.2-inch screen, all-day power (an essential feature for post-secondary students or those entering the working world), 5G connectivity, and high-quality photo and video capture features to keep social media accounts up-to-date.

If you think the graduate can manage with an older-model but still pretty great device, grab a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S8 for a pretty decent price either outright or with a contract. Save even more with a phone like the Samsung Galaxy A11. It might not have all of the bells and whistles of the newest phones but still has a massive 6.4-inch screen, triple cameras, and long-lasting battery making it a great option for a student. If they need more storage, grab an up to 512GB microSD card to go with it.

Upgrade their laptop as a graduation gift

Students of all ages use laptops. But in some cases, the one they use is supplied by the school. Treat them to their own laptop computer that will help make homework and research at home so much easier; or help kickstart their job search if they are ready to enter the working world. There are three main options to consider when it comes to brand and type: Apple and its MacBooks, Chromebooks (made by companies like Google, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo), and Windows-based computers, available from brands like HP, Microsoft, Samsung, and Dell. Then, there are 2-in-1s that can convert from laptop to tented to tablet orientation and have touchscreens, which can come in handy for taking notes, reading, and more.

HP Spectre x360 convertible laptop

When you decide on the type of computer you want, dig down to the specifications to make sure they will meet the person’s demanding post-graduate needs. Intel Evo, the latest from the company and the second generation of its Project Athena standard, is one laptop platform to consider. All Intel Evo laptops are ultra-thin, light, and fast, thanks to the 11th-gen Intel Core mobile processor. Specs vary depending on the model, but you can rest assured the graduate will be getting a powerful machine with generous battery life (real world testing suggests upwards of nine hours per charge!) and plenty of storage with a minimum 256GB SSD.

Grads need to have fun, too

Whether they’re creating YouTube videos for their new channel or prepping video assignments in post-secondary school, a drone can actually come in handy for getting great overhead footage. Plus, it’s something fun to do during downtime with friends. Gaming is also a great way to let off steam, and after working hard all school year to get good grades and graduate, a student deserves to do just that. Gaming consoles, new video games for a console they already own, or supplementary tech, like an extra controller, membership, or virtual reality (VR) glasses, all make great gifts.

DJI mini quadcopter drone

When it comes to drones, DJI is among the top brands, with a variety of drones and kits of every price point and for every type of user, from the novice to the expert. If they already own an entry-level drone and have demonstrated a passion and love for it, upgrade them to that higher-end one they have been eyeing. If they have never used one before, a good starting point is the DJI Mini 2 Quadcopter Drone combo, which has an auto-take-off and auto-land feature to use until they get the hang of things. Once they get better at controlling it, there are manual controls. The Mini 2 runs for up to 31 minutes per charge, which is pretty generous. It also has a camera to record videos and stills as it flies. They can share footage right away as well by transferring it to their phones via a couple taps.

Make them smile with the perfect graduation gift

Graduation is a big deal, no matter the age. It marks many years’ worth of accomplishments as well as a milestone in a child or young adult’s life. Whatever the next step in their educational or working life, you can help mark it with a really cool, high-tech gift that will come in handy for years to come. Find plenty of great graduation gift ideas at Best Buy Online.

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