If you’ve been keeping up with the latest developments in television technology, then you certainly know that 4K TV is the most advanced and visually stunning tech on the market today. Offering 4x sharper resolution than Full HD 1080p, and more than 8 million pixels of colour, clarity and detail, 4K technology takes home entertainment to an entirely new level.

And, to help you fully embrace and enjoy this stunning new TV tech, I’m going to run down everything you need to get the most from owning 4K movies at home.

What you need to view a 4k movie

To enjoy the sweet and pixel-perfect wonder of 4K, you’ll need a few things. First off, you’ll need a television capable of displaying in 4K. You can find a wide variety of 4K televisions in various sizes, and from all the major brands. Erin actually ran down the Top 5 4K TVs as rated by Best Buy customers in a previous blog, so that’s a great place to start.

Next, you’ll need to have something that plays the 4K Blu-ray discs.

If you are a console gamer, you could invest in an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, which are the only consoles on the market that are capable of playing 4K Blu-ray discs. Otherwise, you can pick up one of a variety of 4K Blu-ray disc players available at Best Buy, including the new Xbox One that can play 4K movies. To connect that 4K player to your new 4K television, make sure you grab a good HDMI cable. You’ll find these at a bunch of different price points, so just make sure your cable is labeled as “high speed” for best results.

Lastly, you will of course need some 4K movies. Right now, the selection is not exactly robust, as this is a new and emerging technology, however you can still find a great list of titles at Best Buy.

What comes in the 4K Blu-ray box

When you buy a 4K Blu-ray disc, you are certainly getting your money’s worth, as well. The box usually comes with the 4K Blu-ray disc, as well as a normal Blu-ray version. That’s awesome if you have someone who wants to watch the flick on their computer in bed, or on another player elsewhere. You’ll also usually get a digital copy of the movie, which is ideal for viewing on your iPhone or tablet, or whenever you’re on the go. Normally, you just need to redeem a code, and in minutes you have a nice digital version to enjoy on that commute to work.

What you need to get the best 4K experience

Now that you have the 4K movie-watching experience in your home, you can take it up a notch with a few choice accessories to really complete the package and truly make it seem like you’re at the movie theatre.

For that true at-the-cinema experience, you’ll definitely want to have similar immersive, surround sound. That’s just one of the hallmarks of the theatre movie experience. You can achieve the same effect at home, though, through players and speakers that are Dolby Atmos enabled. This awesome new sound tech really puts you at the centre of the audio action. Learn more about this sound technology by checking out Tom’s blog on the subject.

The other thing that will bring to your home the experience of going out to the movies (aside from maybe a sticky floor) would be some nice home theatre seating. You can find a wide range of comfortable recliners specifically designed to give you that in-home movie theatre experience, including having very convenient cup holders in the armrests for your jumbo soda.

Finally, nothing says “movie theatre” more than fresh, hot and buttery popcorn (and I’m talking real butter here, not that artificial butter-flavoured oil/goop that some theatres soak their popcorn in). Just make sure you have a popcorn maker that’s going to be able to take care of all the friends who will now be constantly at your house, thanks to the new 4K movie watching setup you have. Welcome to popularity!  And make sure to check out all the 4K hardware and movies available at Best Buy. Enjoy!

Steven Hill
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