home theatre gifts to take room to next levelWith the quality of streaming content and all of the entertainment choices available on our TVs, having a home theatre to enjoy them is more important than ever. It’s an easy space to completely customize too. If you know someone who’s really into their home theatre and you know they’d love to take it to the next level, there are quite a few different gifts you can give them to improve the room.

How to take a home theatre to the next level

From TVs to home audio and media streamers, there are so many ways and so many gifts you can give to give a home theatre an upgrade.

A new TV instantly upgrades the room

A TV really is the ultimate home theatre gift. It’s the core of any home entertainment centre or media room, and having a new TV offers the recipient an instant home theatre upgrade.

Most TVs today are 4K Ultra HD. If they’ve been watching an older TV with Full HD or 1080p resolution, whoever you gift a new TV to is going to notice a huge improvement in colour, clarity, and contrast. If you want to give a TV gift that will keep on giving long into the future, you could upgrade them to an even higher resolution 8K TV. 

Improve home audio sound

Adding devices that produce great sound is one of the best ways to improve a media room or take a home theatre to the next level. Today’s ultra-thin and light TVs just don’t have the capacity to produce high-quality audio to match the ultra-high resolution video we’re all watching now.

Getting or gifting a sound bar or a home theatre audio package is a quick and easy way to improve the sound produced by your TV. It’s a cost-effective gift too, as sound bars are only a couple hundred dollars for a quality device with a subwoofer. You can also splurge and get a whole home surround sound system with several speakers and Dolby Atmos technology. It will add overhead channels that better replicate audio in movies and TV shows.

Upgrade your home theatre with a media streamer

Many if not all of the latest TVs are smart, meaning they have built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port for media streaming. All of your favourite apps are available in a hub on the main screen of your TV, and you don’t have to do anything other than sign in to your subscription services and begin streaming video.

But not everyone has upgraded to a smart TV, so a media streamer makes a great gift for someone who wants access to online video but doesn’t want to upgrade their TV. They are easy to hook up, are available from different brands including Apple, Google, and Roku, and offer you a simple way to instantly upgrade a home theatre.

A Blu-Ray or DVD player lets you enjoy your favourite movies

upgrade your home theatre

When you consider content and quality, there’s still just something about Blu-ray. A Blu-ray or DVD player is still a great addition to a home theatre because these discs offer something that online streaming doesn’tguaranteed access to your favourite movies and TV shows.

Online streaming services routinely pull movies and TV shows from their playlists. If you know someone who loves a certain movie or show and know they would love a box set or to have a collection of movies as a keepsake, giving the gift of a Blu-Ray or DVD disc player will ensure they can always enjoy their favourite shows.

The ultimate living room gift – a universal remote

It’s true, every TV is packaged with remote control. All of your other home theatre devices come with remote controls too, and it’s all too easy to lose one or spend a half-hour digging through the couch just to turn your TV on. Giving a gift of or investing in a universal remote control will let you or your gift recipient save time by controlling an entire home theatre worth of electronics with one easy to program remote.

Add style to your home theatre with a wall mount

sony-TV, wall mount, moving day, home, tipsIf you’ve always thought about mounting your TV with a wall mount but haven’t taken the leap, now is the time. Not only does it save space in your home theatre, but it adds a sleek style to the wall.

It’s a great idea to gift a wall mount to someone who has never mounted their TV too. It will upgrade the home theatre style with a clean, modern look, it’s safer to have your TV mounted on the wall as it reduces tip-overs, and it’s easier to take advantage of features on the latest TVs, like streaming artwork or your own photos, when it’s mounted on the wall.

Gifts that improve your home theatre

Whether you’re gifting someone else or you’re interested in taking your own home theatre to the next level, you can’t go wrong with any of these home theatre suggestions. You’ll enjoy watching everything you love even more with one or more of these easy upgrades.

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