Are you a fan of LEGO play sets? I’m betting that the vast majority of people who read this are, or were, big fans of LEGO at one time or another. LEGO is the universally loved building block toy that allows kids to be creative and build whatever their imaginations can conjure up, or be studious and follow a blueprint (of sorts) to assemble a specific LEGO design. Either way you look at it, LEGO is serious fun, and kids everywhere seem to love it.

If you’ve long since grown up and left LEGO behind, you may be happy to hear that LEGO is every bit as fun and challenging as you remember. What’s more, playing with LEGO is a great way for parents and kids to spend some quality time—building and being creative together. Read on for a few fun examples of LEGO play sets that are sure to please even the most discriminating LEGO connoisseurs among us.


LEGO Play Sets: Star Wars

The first LEGO theme that I’d like to consider is LEGO Star Wars, of which there are currently about 50 different sets available at/through Best Buy. But the one that most appeals to me is the LEGO Star Wars: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon.

While I will admit to preferring the old-school version of the Millennium Falcon to this newer one, it’s still the coolest (and fastest) old hunk of junk in that far, far away galaxy, and the only LEGO starship I’d ever care to own myself.

Recommended for users ages 9-14, this set includes 7 LEGO mini figures (that’s Han Solo, Chewie, Lando Calrissian, Qi’ra, Quay Tolsite, a Kessel Operations Droid, and 1 DD-BD droid) as well as the Falcon itself (which includes computers, weapons systems, cargo holds, a couch, a bar, a Dejarik game/table, and so much more).

With a whopping 1414 pieces to assemble, this set is sure to keep users entertained for hours—weeks even. Just be careful about challenging Chewbacca to a game of Dejarik if you value your limbs!


LEGO Technic

Another amazing theme is the LEGO Technic line, which boasts some of the finest vehicles and heavy equipment in the entire toy world. Take, for instance, the LEGO Technic: Mack Anthem, which consists of a massive 2595 pieces for kids to play with and puzzle over for hours on end.

Just imagine the excitement of finally putting this incredible truck together—a truly impressive accomplishment! And that’s because this truck is super complex. 

Developed in conjunction with Mack Trucks Incorporated, this truck’s many features include an authentic body (with opening doors and adjustable wing mirrors), a highly detailed cab interior (with adjustable seats, sun visors, a steering wheel and dashboard, and even a sleeping bunk), rear wheel drive, front-axle steering, and it even has a 6 cylinder straight engine with ‘firing’ pistons and a spinning radiator fan.

But that’s not all. In fact, I haven’t even gotten to the detachable trailer yet, with all of its cool extras. Or the fact that this model is actually a 2-in-1 design, with the ability to be rebuilt into a Mack LR garbage truck replica. There’s really just so much going on here that I’ll simply have to refer you to its Best Buy product page to fully learn all of its cool capabilities.


LEGO Friends

One LEGO theme that has its own unique settings and very distinctive looking characters is the LEGO Friends series. With a number of colourful and interesting sets available, this line really stands out—particularly when it comes to its more 3-dimensional looking human characters than your standard, flat LEGO people.

One set that I thought looked particularly fun was the one called LEGO Friends: Emma’s Art Café. This 378 piece set includes the Emma and Prankzy (whoever they are) mini figures, along with a fully equipped café featuring a clear front door, artwork on the walls, a cash register, a coffee maker, a panini machine, a seating area, real working shutters, and even a price list for what they serve.

This set and others in the LEGO Friends family definitely have their own unique style, and I really appreciate that they come with so many little detail-adding items. For instance, I noticed in the photos on the product page that there are coffee mugs, ice cream cones, flowers, and even a bench outside with art supplies on it. With so many fun little extras in this set, it really stands out for going the extra mile.


LEGO Architecture

Yet another interesting LEGO venture that I wasn’t even aware of myself until I started researching for this blog is the LEGO Architecture series. Perfect for those with a world traveler’s spirit, this theme features cityscapes and major works of architecture from around the world.

One such set that caught my eye (probably because I’ve always wanted to go there) was the LEGO Architecture: Chicago themed pack. This set features 444 pieces depicting such famous landmarks as the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, Cloud Gate, the DuSable Bridge (which actually opens and closes), the Big Red, and even the Chicago River itself (which is depicted in baseplate tiles).

Making the set (and series) even cooler is the inclusion of a special booklet giving information on the designers, the architecture, and the history of each structure, along with some interesting historical facts pertaining to Chicago and its rich architectural heritage. To say the truth, now that I’ve discovered this particular LEGO series, I am seriously tempted to begin collecting them myself.  



One of my all time favourite LEGO themes has got to be LEGO City. I had a LEGO City Police Station myself way back when, and although the current LEGO City Police Station is considerably different (and by that I mean improved), I wish I still had that old set kicking around just for the memories. Oh well!

The modern LEGO City Police Station has so much going for it. Included in the set are 7 LEGO mini figures (that’s 4 officers and 3 criminals—to be deemed innocent until proven otherwise).

As for equipment, these cops have 1 police car, 1 helicopter, and 1 motorcycle, along with a state-of-the-art 3 floor police station complete with jail cells, a watchtower, and toilets. There’s even a police dog on hand.

As for the crooks, they are provided with their own special truck for use in their nefarious activities. It’s all so cool!


As you can see, with the variety of different themes that LEGO has to choose from, and the numerous different sets available within each, LEGO truly has something for everyone. And I didn’t even cover a lot of their other themes, like LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Duplo, and LEGO Ninjago, not to mention the amazing LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox with the incredible Vernie the Robot. If you want a toy that’s fun and challenging for all, you can’t go wrong with LEGO!


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  1. Our elf on the shelf made our 4 kids a lego table a few years ago. Since then he bring each of them a lego set for xmas

    Its become such a cute tradition . Theyll run up to him and wisper in his ear there favorite lego lol.

    We love lego here.

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