What makes a house a home? For some people it’s that dream kitchen. For others, it’s a great home office where they can kick off their shoes and work until the wee hours. Perhaps a great home theatre is more to your liking. For my family, the ultimate would be creating a games room we could all play in instead of heading out the door to the local rec center for activities like table tennis or darts.

Out of all the rooms in a dream home, a games room is one of the most fun to create. You can stock it with all the games you love and add creative touches that make it your own. If you’re interested in creating a dream games room, here’s how:


Assess your square footage



How big will your games room be? You might only have one small room in your house, or you may have access to an entire basement. How big your games room will be will determine the types of games you choose to put in it, so dream big!

Choose a colour

When decorating any room in your house, a good rule of thumb is to choose the colour you’d like it to be before you put any furniture or games in it. If you take a look at games rooms on Pinterest, you’ll see some people covering walls with reclaimed barn wood, others painting a huge chalkboard wall, or just adding some great posters.



Add your games

This is the fun part. What’s your favourite or your family’s favourite game? You can add a table tennis set if you love ping pong, a great foosball table if you’ve got a competitive streak, then add a dart board to the wall. If you’ve got the space and a basketball fan in your house, you can even add a basketball game.

Accessorize your games

If you want to play with a few friends, you’ll need some extra game accessories. You can choose from a few ping pong or table tennis paddles, a dart kit, or a poker set if you want to sit down and play a few games of cards. If you already have a pool table but you want to play table tennis, you can expand your games room by adding a table tennis conversion top.


Add a few creative touches


If your plan is to host friends in your games room, you might want to add a drink machine like the Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker. If you’d like to store cold drinks, adding a small bar fridge will eliminate trips to the kitchen. And when it comes to your walls, you can spice them up with a cool wall clock like the NHL Neon Logo Clock.

How much you put into your games room is up to you. I’ve got big plans for my own dream games room including big screen TV, popcorn maker, and a foosball table fit for a family of six.

Photo credit – decoist.com

If you’re in the planning stages for your own dream games room, you can get busy planning with a few clicks by checking out the games room selection on Bestbuy. With a huge table tennis, dart, air hockey, and foosball section, there’s something for every type of player.


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