For all those who love the amazing video and image quality of DJI’s fine fleet of high-end photography drones, the following announcement is going to be seriously good news! DJI’s latest great offering, the Spark Mini Drone, is on its way to Best Buy! For the complete lowdown on this excellent little photography drone, just keep reading!


Spark Mini’s Key Flying Features

The all-new DJI Spark Mini Drone weighs in at just 300 grams and features dimensions of 143 mm × 143 mm × 55 mm, thus making it small and lightweight enough to easily pack around with you anywhere you may go. Among the Spark Mini’s key flying features are a maximum flight time of 16 minutes (15 when hovering) on an 80 minute charge of its 1480 mAh intelligent flight battery, a top flying speed of 50 Km/h (that’s 31 mph) when in Sport Mode (under calm conditions), and an incredible flight range that includes a 4000 metre height ceiling. Also present is a 3-D obstacle sensing system (to help you avoid collisions) and precision satellite positioning via the GPS & GLONASS systems.

This powerful little drone is controlled by a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, though it can also be flown via WI-FI signal (with an approximately 100 foot flight range) using your mobile device and the free to download DJI GO 4 App (be sure to check that your device meets the minimum requirements first!). The Spark Mini is also subject to some amazing new technologies such as gesture controls (i.e., PalmControl). Can you imagine, all these features and I haven’t even discussed its photography capabilities yet! Keep on reading for those details.


Spark Mini’s Key Photography Features

The Spark Mini is also well represented in terms of its photographic capabilities. With great new features like QuickShot, as well as ShallowFocus and Pano modes (both vertical and horizontal) to enjoy, photography buffs are sure to be pleased! The Spark features a FHD video resolution of 1920 × 1080 30p with a maximum bitrate of 24 Mbps and an ISO range of 100-3200 (for video recording) and 100-1600 (for still photos).


The Spark Mini also features a 2-axis (pitch and roll) mechanical gimbal for added stability during filming, and the maximum transmission distance for viewing your footage in real time is as great as 2 full kilometres in ideal conditions. There are also multiple still photography modes (including Single Shot, Burst Shooting, Auto Exposure Bracketing, EV bias, and Interval), and the camera’s sensor size is 1/2.3″ CMOS with an effective pixel rate of 12 MP. The camera also features a high quality lens with an 81.9 degree field of view that offers a clear shooting range measuring from 2 metres to infinity. Of course, I’m only just scratching the surface of this drone’s photography capabilities. There’s so much going on in the specs sheets that it’s almost mind boggling. One way or another, this incredible drone is sure to set a new standard for aerial photography in its very small size class!

If you’re into photography drones, you’ve probably noticed that for the most part you need a fairly large drone if you want to shoot in really high image quality. Well, with the new DJI Spark Mini Drone, all of that is about to change! Keep an eye out at Best Buy for the impending release of this miniature beauty, and prepare to shoot video and photographs like never before!


You can peruse Best Buy’s full selection of drones by clicking the following link.


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