KidKraftAs a mom of a busy one-year-old, I’m always on the lookout for playroom ideas. Kids love to play, and it’s so important for their development! But if you have a small space, it can be tricky to design a playroom that meets all of your child’s needs. KidKraft has everything you need to create the play space of your kids’ dreams!

A space for arts and crafts

Art is amazing for children in so many ways. It encourages your child’s creativity, develops fine motor skills, and improves visual-spatial skills (visual-spatial skills are needed for reading, math, sports, etc). Because art engages all the senses, it’s incredibly beneficial to brain development. Art has been linked to improved academic performance, greater self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities. Recently, art has even been used as a type of therapy to help children express their emotions.

KidKraftWhen I imagine my son’s ideal play space, one of the first things I picture is a table and chairs. A miniature table and chair set can serve many different purposes: drawing, colouring, crafts, games, or just a place to have a snack. The KidKraft Modern 3-Piece Table & Chair Set would be such a cute addition to any playroom. The cheery colours will add a bright, welcoming feel, and the sturdy wood construction means it’s built to last. This set also comes in white if you prefer a more neutral look.

KidKraftAn easel is next on my list for arts and crafts. With a multi-purpose easel like the KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel, kids can experiment with different materials. It includes a paper dispenser and two anti-spill paint cups for painting, a chalkboard, and a whiteboard. The trays have plenty of space for storing art supplies. Throw a foam play mat underneath and you’ve got a large art area that’s easy to clean up! This easel is also available in natural and espresso to fit your personal taste in decor.

A space for make-believe

Make-believe play is so important for kids. They love to use their imagination, but studies have also found numerous benefits when it comes to child development. Playing make-believe from a young age can impact language development, problem-solving, creativity, and self-regulation, just to name a few.

KidKraftEvery playroom needs a play kitchen! There are so many different options on the market right now, from plastic to wooden, and modern to vintage. My personal favourite is this KidKraft Homestyle 2 Piece Play Kitchen. I’m in love with the retro feel of this two-piece kitchen set! The colour is bright and cheery, and the modular design allows you to arrange the layout to fit any space. It includes a refrigerator/freezer combo, stovetop burners, oven, sink, and washing machine with laundry basket. By adding the 65 piece Pretend Play Food Set, the Metal Deluxe Cookware Set, and the Baking Set, your little chef will have everything she needs to cook or bake to her heart’s content.

KidKraftOne of my favourite ways to play make-believe as a kid was playing dress-up. The KidKraft Pretend Play Station is the perfect space to store your children’s costumes. There are seven separate storage compartments (because it’s never too soon to teach your child to be organized!) and a shatterproof mirror. They can hang their kitchen apron and magician’s cape on the pegs, set their doctor’s kit on a shelf, and put their lab coat on a hanger. With this play station, kids can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for instead of keeping it tucked away in a trunk.

A space for reading

Encouraging your kids to read when they’re young is so critical if you want them to develop a lifelong love of reading. Reading is an extremely important life skill, and has many benefits. Pleasure reading helps kids develop stronger social skills, vocabulary, and the ability to understand and process complex ideas. And kids who read fiction are better able to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.

KidKraftI always used to read in bed when I was little, but I think reading would’ve been much more exciting if I’d had something like the KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook. This is the perfect little nook for any play space! Not only is it cute, it’s also an amazing storage space for books and toys. There are larger shelves for big picture books, and smaller shelves for board books or chapter books. The cushioned seat is comfortable and inviting, and it stays in place with velcro. Kids love to have their own special place to read!

KidKraftA play teepee is another great option for a reading nook. Pile the KidKraft Deluxe Play Teepee with blankets and pillows for a super-soft and cozy secret reading spot. It’s made from canvas and bamboo, has door flaps that open and close, and two mesh windows to let in some light. This teepee also lends itself well to make-believe play. And if you’re into mindfulness, this could be a great spot to teach your child some beginner meditation (great for helping kids manage their emotions), since it filters out a lot of environmental stimuli and is a naturally darker, calm, quiet place. With so many different purposes, this teepee is an awesome buy!

I bought this one for my son, and we’re both in love with it! He loves to be read to, so this works well as a reading nook for him. It was easy to set up, and it’s also easy to take down and tuck away for storage (Need a spot to put your Christmas tree? Bye bye, teepee!). The navy blue is nice and neutral, and the modern chevron pattern at the bottom is a cute touch. It fits in with our decor nicely, but this teepee also comes in orange for those who want an extra pop of colour!

More play space ideas

No matter what your child loves, KidKraft has a toy that will bring joy and functionality to her play space: doll houses, train sets, rocket ships, and more.

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