Samsung DeX station

Upgrade your accessories! You’re rolling into the club, or into the office, ready to impress with the cutting-edge technology of your new cellphone. But the first thing everyone sees when you whip it out is the sad and old case you shoved your new phone into.  It’s the same case you’ve had for years, and it shows.  Why shackle your high-powered device to low-powered attachments? Here’s a sample of the cool, productive, protective and fun accessories that will unlock the hidden potential in your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus DeX Station

Samsung DeXYour Samsung Galaxy S8 is a powerful beast that gives you mobile functionality. Unfortunately, the size of the screen and the limitations of the onscreen keyboard keep you from using the S8 as a optimal productivity tool. With the Samsung Galaxy DeX station, you can get the most out of the device. The DeX station allows you to connect your phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. The video connection is HDMI 4K, so you will get as much quality pumped through to the monitor as the phone can provide. The DeX station also has an Ethernet port, allowing you to switch to a wired connection and give your data cap a break, and it recharges your phone while you use it. Handy!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear View Standing Cover Case

Samsung Galaxy S8 clear caseNo matter how tough the glass on a phone is, the specter of a cracked screen is always lying in wait. People make mistakes, and phones hit the ground. There is a good selection of Samsung Galaxy S8 cases available to suit your tastes, including the case offered by Samsung themselves. The Samsung Clear View case can protect your phone from the casual accidents we all encounter. The great thing about this case is that the front is translucent. So, you can see who’s calling you and answer the call without flipping the case open. And when it is time to relax and watch a movie on the train ride home, the case turns into a stand that will hold the phone at the optimum movie-watching angle.

Affinity Gelskin Fitted Soft Shell Case for ASUS Zenfone 3 Max

Sometimes, the best case for a phone is the one that’s barely there at all. You don’t want to have a case that turns your svelte smartphone into a big rubber brick that you are embarrassed to hold up to your ear. As an example of the alternative,  case like the Affinity gelskin will protect your ASUS Zenphone3 ably without adding bulk or hiding the phone behind ugly plastic. And the anti-slip texture of the case makes the phone harder to drop. Compare it to the other ASUS cases to find the one that does the trick for you.

Pelican Marine iPhone 7 Fitted Hard Shell Case

Okay, now is the time for cellphone honesty. I drop my phone. A LOT. It is a miracle that I haven’t seen my phone plunge into swirling toilet doom by now. Pelican brand cellphone cases are designed for klutzes like me.  A case like the Pelican Marine iPhone fitted hard shell case’s 5 layers provide military-grade protection to the expensive device that somehow continues to slip through my fingers at every opportunity. And this case is waterproof. For up to 30 minutes, the Pelican case will keep the water from your precious device, which is more than enough time to find a pair of rubber gloves and reach into the depths of the toilet bowl that holds your phone hostage.

DJI OSMO Mobile Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

This accessory fits neatly into the category ‘getting more from your phone than you thought possible’. Videos shot on a cellphone tend to be an exercise is wobbling, out of focus confusion. Your hands are not designed to hold a cellphone steady to the level of precision required to make great videos. The DJI OSMO stabilizer is the tool that will fix the unsteady motion of your videos. It also gives your still photos the stability needed to get a great, clear shot. For the casual videographer, the stabilizer might be a hard purchase to justify. But if you regularly document your adventures with your phone, the DJI OSMO will make those memories infinitely more watchable.

Retrak Phone Ring Holder with Kickstand

How about an affordable accessory that makes watching videos on your phone easier? Here you go! The Retrak Phone Ring Holder is kickstand for your phone that attaches with a reusable adhesive. The stand rotates in any direction, so you can prop your phone up in landscape or portrait orientation without any hassle. The ring can support up to 15 pounds of weight, so it can easily allow you to hang your phone on the key hook by your front door. Of course, that would mean you didn’t have your phone on you at all times, and what kind of a disconnected existence would that be? The mind shudders at the possibility.

Mophie juice pack air iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case & charge force Wireless Charging Base

Is there such a thing as an essential accessory? I’m going to tell you there is such a thing, and this is the essential accessory. Running out of battery power is the bane of every cellphone user’s existence. The battle for power outlets at any convention or long meeting can be an ugly affair as desperate cellphone users fight for precious electricity. The Morphie juice pack case starts its list of offerings by being a capable protective case for your phone. Then, it has a built-in battery that gives you an additional 33 hours of talk time (expect that number to be much lower, however, if you’re using high-powered apps or watching videos continuously). And it recharges wirelessly via the included charging base. You simply place the phone in this case onto the charging base and it instantly starts to recharge.

Accessories for everything

This list barely makes a dent in the massive and dazzling array of accessory options that are available for your cellphone. There are designer cases from with beautiful graphics covering the back, hard shell cases that can stand up to the roughest situations, and everything in between from casemakers like Ashlin, to Rebecca Minkoff, to Viva Madrid. And if you think about it, your cellphone is your constant technological companion. It is at your side for every occasion and event in your life, and that means it is worth the accessory investment. So take some time and find the right additions to your accessory collection. Bring out the best from your electronic buddy!

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