I am impressed with Samsung phones. I switched to the Android operating system with a Samsung phone almost one year ago and I’m so glad that I did. I learned very quickly over the last year that Samsung phones meet the demands of an online editor with ease. Samsung has a range of phone options too from the  feature-filled yet budget friendly and perfect for Back to School Samsung A51, recently reviewed on the blog, to the most advanced premium phone available; and, this just happens to be the prize we are giving away in this contest: a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

Android is the easiest operating system to use for everything

I am on my phone for work and pleasure NON-STOP! As such, I was nervous about switching to Android. I sure didn’t need to be. Within a couple hours of owning my new Samsung phone I was doing everything I wanted. I also had much better battery life, much faster charging, a better camera, and more. The transition was effortless.

I’ve learned that there really was no risk at all: more people use Android than any other operating system. With about 3/4 of mobile users on Android, app creators have a huge incentive to do their best work on Android.

Samsung Premium phones set a new level of excellence for mobile technology

We select premium phones for the best mobile experience, best battery life, and best photography. Samsung delivers in all of these areas. The mobile experience is second to none with the newest connectivity options including the ability to access 5G networks, a battery that will keep the device going all day (and will recharge faster than you can imagine!), and a camera array with amazing optical and digital zoom. It also has a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes even demanding video and gaming amazingly smooth.

As reviewer Ted Kritsonis stated in his detailed review of this phone, “If you want the best of the best Samsung can offer … this may be the phone for you.” This is the phone of the future, available now … and if you enter this contest you might even win it! As a bonus, the prize for this contest includes Galaxy Buds+, Samsung Qi Wireless Charger, and a 128GB microSD.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once below this article and once below Ted’s review for a total of two times. Read Ted’s review of this phone, then in a comment beneath this post or beneath his article, tell us two features of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G that will make your life easier or more fun.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select one valid entry to receive the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G phone and the extras shown above.

This contest will run from July 10th until July 27th.

Remember you can only enter once here and once beneath Ted’s review of the S20 Ultra 5G phone. However, we all know people who are struggling with a phone that has poor battery life, repeatedly crashes, or has been dropped at least once too many times. Share this contest with them so they too have a chance to win an amazing new Samsung phone.

Win a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. This phone looks awesome with many great features. To me the ability to connect to 5G and the powerful camera stand out.

  2. Battery life – my old phone needs to be charged half way through my shift at work.
    The camera -to be able to document problems at work and the device tags when they are too far away to read.

  3. Well I would give this phone to my wife as she is in greater need of a phone upgrade than myself. She currently has the S9 but it always grabbing my Pixel 4 to take pictures because the camera is so much better. The camera on this phone sounds amazing and would definitely end the need of my phone to take pictures. She also always forgets to charge her phone so one with amazing battery life is always excellent as well.

  4. Definitely the extra long battery life, then the 8K capabilities of the camera is the huge upgrade and plus!

  5. Longer battery life is ALWAYS a plus, especially if I have several apps open. Plus I might forget my charger at home, so the phone will last longer while I’m out. The camera sounds amazing. I’ve never had a phone that could take high-quality pictures or videos.

  6. Definitely the longer battery life would improve my life for the better. And the zoom and pixel features going on with the camera would motivate me to take more pics. I don’t even bother with my S7 edge anymore as my keys shattered the camera lens lol.

  7. Im forgetful, i need the battery life, as for the camera, hey a girl needs a good camera, no matter what the age. My phone now, does not ring hasn’t for two years So I need to keep it close to my nody, tired of being woken up out of a sleep with a vibrating phone. Other firls may dream about a diamond ring, i am going to dream about this phone.

    • And that would be body and girls. Hopefully it has an excellent spell check, with that fast speed 5g it is all good.

  8. It seems like a small feature, but I am really excited to have the camera back in the middle if the device! I have not been a fan of the corner right.
    The 8k shooting option is amazing, and being able to expand the memory with a card is key.
    I also like the getting rid of the headphone aux plug. Bluetooth is what’s up!!!

  9. I’m looking forward to the-
    Video feature Up to 8K video recording and the Battery faster charging 5000mAh that one of the features that start acting up on phone well all the features on this phone sounds great 108 pixels and wireless charging , the fingerprints touch opening phone all of them sound good to me. Samsung i believe when above and beyond this time I will always own a Samsung no matter what I swear by them no other phone will ever do it for me. THANK YOU.

    • I love that the S20 has wireless charging and am interested in the Space Zoom feature. Sounds like an awesome phone.

  10. The quality of videos and photos you can take, the Refresh rate and of course. It is not an Apple.

  11. It has a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes even demanding video and gaming amazingly smooth.

  12. Options including the ability to access 5G networks, a battery that will keep the device going all day (and will recharge faster than I can imagine!

  13. The camera’s megapixel sensor (I hope it still also has the voice command option) and the battery life are definitely appealing features. (the bigger display doesn’t hurt either).

  14. I’m definitely interested in the battery life and the fast processor…. And just having a phone that doesn’t crash all the time.

  15. I definitely am on my phone all the time, so the longer battery life would make life a lot easier! i also love the larger size and display of the phone

  16. I already love my Samsung and the Android operating system, but a new one would be great! I would love the new S20 for the longer battery life and the sweeet camera!

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