Day three of the 12 Days of Christmas could be the one where you consider a premium smartphone like the Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro. The 8 Pro is a flagship, meaning it has the very best Google has to offer in a phone to date. That’s going to include some of the best photos you will ever see on a mobile device, along with stunning AI-driven editing tools to give you even more control afterward.

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Why the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

I outline several reasons why the Pixel 8 Pro is a superb device in my review, and it’s easy enough to cover the pros and cons of the device here too. You might look at the Pixel 7a as a more affordable alternative—and it’s a great one for the price—but you take a big step forward with a device like this one.

First, there are the intangibles that make the Pixel 8 Pro what it is. Google’s Tensor G3 processor blends nicely with the slick version of Android running on the phone. You get 12GB of RAM, plus the option between 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. Then there are the machine learning capabilities within the Tensor G3 chip that drive the unique features available. Few other phones offer the kind of phone calling features this one does. Call Screen will keep a lookout for spam calls, while the Messages app will sideline suspected spam messages so you’re not disturbed. Voice Typing is good enough to recognize multiple languages as you compose messages, and even adds punctuation in the right spots.

Hold for Me is cool in that it allows Google Assistant to wait on hold for you, only giving you a heads up when someone is ready to talk on the other line. Other features like Summarize and Read Aloud in the Chrome browser add extra convenience. Need to record a lecture or interview? The Recorder app is highly accurate in getting both the audio and transcribing everything, even when you have no data or Wi-Fi connection.

It’s also hard to argue with the vibrant 6.7-inch OLED display that is considerably brighter than before, not to mention flat all around for easier handling. The matte finish on the back goes well with the phone’s aesthetic, no matter which colour you choose.  

Using the Pixel 8 Pro camera

Google equipped the Pixel 8 Pro with a broader set of tools, both before and after snapping photos and video. For the first time, there are pro-level settings, like ISO, shutter speed and focus, for seasoned mobile photographers and creators. Google’s vaunted software computation can still do wonders on its own, often outputting superb images with little effort on your part.

That also applies pretty much any time of the day or night. Low-light performance is among the best in the business, and you can trust what you’ll get under those conditions. In pitch darkness, point the phone at the sky and capture the stars in Astrophotography mode. From Portrait mode to Long Exposure, there’s always a way to get a shot. Super Res Zoom is fantastic at adding detail beyond the distance the telephoto lens can take you.

Magic Eraser is still one of the best editing tools on a phone, only it’s joined by Magic Editor—a broader suite that helps you edit only specific parts of an image. You can also use it to create stylized versions of your photo, sometimes leading to super interesting results.

Things have also improved on the video side. Audio Magic Eraser is a slick tool to lower or remove certain audio elements in a video. Video Boost will utilize Google’s extensive cloud-based power to improve a video’s composition when the results are too dark.

What about the Pixel 8?

The Pixel 8 Pro also has a smaller sibling in the Pixel 8. There are several functional differences between them, like the pro settings in the camera and the Thermometer app, among others. They otherwise run on the same Tensor G3 chip and version of Android, which means it may get updated to run some of these newer features later on.

Worth taking a chance

Better battery life is nice, as are the wireless charging and water resistance. Google is also committing to seven years of Android and security updates—that’s longer than any other brand currently offers, making the phone updateable until 2030.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is available now in obsidian black, porcelain white and bay blue.

Ted Kritsonis
Editor Cellular/Mobile Technology
I’m a fortunate man in being able to do the fun job of following and reporting on one of the most exciting industries in the world today. In my time covering consumer tech, I’ve written for a number of publications, including the Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Canada,, Canoe, Digital Trends, MobileSyrup, G4 Tech, PC World, Faze and AppStorm. I’ve also appeared on TV as a tech expert for Global, CTV and the Shopping Channel.


  1. They are all great item’s!!
    But I think the one that would best serve our family is the Ben Q. We do a lot of camping and having one we could watch movies like we use to at the Drive In! It was such an experience that the whole family got to enjoy!! But not just for movies!! We could look through pictures and reminisce. Since my husband, the kids father passed recently, it’s something we do more of-especially camping. It was his favourite place and thing to do in the summer.

  2. Day 3 is it for me! Wow! How do I love thee Google Pixel 8 Pro?
    … Let me count the ways!
    1) battery life ! Mine is old and I’m tired of bringing 3, yes 3, power banks on a day outing.
    2) camera! Oh I have become quite a little content creator and people love my sunsets but they are not seeing what I am. My current phone camera does not do it justice at all! I would love to show them the real deal. It doesn’t get good shots of anything. There are many more reasons I would love love and adore this phone!, but I’m not going to keep you that long! Lol.


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