Nokia ThermometerIn all of the years I’ve been a mom, from one kid to having four, nothing has put the fear in me more than fevers. I know fevers are your body’s way of fighting off infection so it’s a good thing to have them. But it can be pretty unnerving when you see your child, or children in my case, fighting fevers that keep spiking in the middle of the night. I become scattered from lack of sleep and stress, and taking temperatures and keeping track of everything for that illness becomes a bit of a circus.

That’s why, when I heard about the Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer, I did an internal fist pump and said Yes! Finally, a thermometer that works with me instead of against me. Not only does it take your temperature in two seconds flat, it lets you add your entire family to the device so you can track multiple fevers at one time.

However simple of a device it may look like, to see the Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer in action is an amazing thing. Here’s my take on this smart device and how it will benefit parents everywhere.

Appearance and Features of the Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer

Nokia Smart ThermometerThe Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer is made of plastic and is just over 4 inches long. It’s a light 2 ounces with the batteries, and it includes 2 AAA batteries that should last you about 2 years.

This thermometer is no ordinary thermometer. It uses 16 infrared senors to give you a precise reading in seconds, and you don’t even have to touch skin to do so. All you have to do is trace the line from your forehead to your temporal lobe and it will take your temperature.

The Withings/Nokia Smart Thermometer is:

  • Non-invasive and requires no contact
  • Syncs with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and is compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Works with the Thermo App to track the temperature and keep a history for up to 8 members of your family
  • The fever indicator is colour-coded, so you’ll know right away that green means OK and red means fever
  • FDA-cleared

Testing the Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer

Nokia Smart TemporalAfter I used the Withings/Nokia Thermo one time I seriously wondered how I ever could live without it. I was testing it out via a review unit that I knew I would send back, so I went on and ordered myself one mid-review. Yes, I’m serious.

There are quite a few reasons why this thermometer stands apart from every other thermometer I’ve ever tried, but let me fill you in on my family first. I have four kids, and each of those kids has come with their own set of illnesses. Two of my boys seem to be magnets for every sort of plague that comes through, and I always struggled with managing their fevers. It never helps that most fevers come at 2 in the morning.

Not only did I not write down what the fever was at any given time, I would have a hard time with my thermometers because I either had to put them under their arm or in their mouth. Both of these scenarios involve waking up a sick child, which of course means that you have to help them settle down again.

With the Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer you don’t have to wake anyone up to take a temperature and you don’t have to write it down either. You don’t even have to have your phone nearby. All you do is trace a line above their forehead to their temporal lobe and the Withings/Nokia Thermo will give you an accurate temperature reading.

Nokia Thermo Smart ThermometerThe Withings/Nokia Thermo is sanitary too. It has a cap you can pop off and on when you’re using it, and because you don’t have to actually touch skin or insert the thermometer in someone’s mouth, you can’t pick up any bacteria or germs.

It’s incredibly easy to use. It vibrates once to tell you when to start and twice when you’re done. It has built in lights so you’ll know just by colour when they don’t have a fever and when they do, and once you’ve created a profile for each family member, you can scroll right on the thermometer to choose the child and the data is sent straight to your Withings/Nokia Thermo App.

If it sounds easy, that’s because it is. Nothing could be simpler than taking a temperature with this thermometer, and I really wish I had one when all of my kids were younger. It will still come in handy now, but it would have been a lifesaver back when they were babies.

Using the Withings/Nokia Thermo App

Nokia Thermo appThe Withings/Nokia Thermo App is a very user-friendly app you can use to set up family profiles and view temperature history for each family member. You can add up to 8 family members per device.

Everyone knows that when you take your sick child to the doctor they’ll ask you how long they have been sick. I always knew it had been a day or two, but usually after a few sleepless nights the tiny details begin to elude me.

That’s why the data found in the Withings/Nokia Thermo App is so valuable. It tracks every temperature for that child and you can share that information with your doctor as simply as opening the app. You can also check out all of the information Withings/Nokia has included in the app on how to treat a fever, what fevers actually are, and when to seek extra help.

Battery-powered to last for two years

Nokia Thermo BatteriesThe Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer includes two AAA batteries, and they should last two years. To change the batteries you’ll just have to pop off the back of the thermometer with your fingertip and swap them out.



Nokia Thermo profiles

Overall thoughts on the Withings/Nokia Thermo

As I mentioned, I love this thermometer so much I actually ordered one today. It does its job and it does it well, and I know from past experience exactly what having it in my house when the kids are sick will mean: less stress for Mom and Dad.

No, it can’t cure a fever, but it can ease your mind when you’re really worried by giving you cold, hard data and an easy way to measure temperature. With flu season rapidly approaching, this is one tool I want to have in my bathroom cupboard.

You can find your own Withings/Nokia Smart Temporal Thermometer on Best Buy right now.


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  1. We just received the Nokia Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer as a gift for use with our newborn child. I would not recommend this product for the following two reasons: 1. It will not function without creating a Nokia account and downloading their app (you can not just turn it on and use it) 2. There is a note to Canadian users in the instruction manual “Health Canada does not recommend using infrared thermometers on children under 2 years of age. For older children, Health Canada recommends that infrared thermometers should not be used to manage important health matters.” Neither of these two important points are clarified on the product packaging, with mentions of “Health Canada approved” and “Syncs with the Thermo app” being the only thing printed.

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